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Join us at our events to gain actionable insights, deepen partnerships, and learn about latest trends in marketing


Maximize ROI from Reporting & Analytics- HubSpot

28th February 2020 | CoWorks, RMZ Infinity, Bangalore-560016, India

In today’s world – data is everywhere. We have access to more information than ever before, and now have the capability to measure, record and analyse almost any data. Analytics focuses on exploring and interpreting data in order to provide you with valuable insight into why certain trends happened the way they did.

28th Feb2020

Learn How to Create Content They Want to Consume, Not Just Read

23th February 2018 | Bengaluru

To ensure your content is up-to-date, strong, and innovative, you need to have a well-planned content strategy. Without a content strategy, all your content is just stuff, and you’d agree that the world already has enough snuff.

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Keynote on Aligning Sales and Marketing Goals

6th December 2018 | Bengaluru

Does your company work in this way? Your Marketers produce content, visuals & ads, that draw in the right kind of leads into the funnel; and your Sales team takes the 'qualified' lead and do what they do best to get the account.

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ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING: It's Not Just For Big Companies Anymore!

5th October 2018 | Bengaluru

Unleash the power of Account Based Marketing (ABM) this year at the HUG event! Being one of the hottest topics in the B2B marketing and one of the most surveyed where 90% of B2B marketers revealed that ABM has helped them close more and bigger deals; it's time to move beyond the notion that it is only for the big players in the market.

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Inbound Marketing And Sales Masterclass - 2018

8th June 2018 | Bengaluru

Marketing and sales experts from HubSpot and TransFunnel will teach you inbound methodologies to grow your business online. In a day, you’ll learn how to create a robust inbound marketing and sales strategy to attract, convert, close and delight your prospective customers.

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Sales Process Optimization Through Automation - 2017

7th December 2017 | Bengaluru

Increase productivity, Increase Efficiency! Join the CEO of TransFunnel, Kapil Arora, as he takes the stage at CoWrks for a session on Sales Process Optimization through Automation.

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Partner Round Table Meet - 2017

8th June 2017 | Bengaluru

Come and Learn:

  • Understand how selling LeadSquared can impact your ROI
  • See how you can delight and retain customers with LeadSquared
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Leadsquared & Transfunnel webinar series - Sales Process Optimization Through Automation - 2017

1st June 2017 | Bengaluru

Join and Learn:

  • Bring sales & marketing together for optimizing efforts & ROI
  • Prioritize follow-ups based on lead quality and sales-readiness
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Marketing Automation Workshop - 2017

20th MAY 2017 | Bengaluru

Topics that will be covered in the Workshop

  • Understand the concept of the Marketing Automation.
  • How to determine whether or not your business is ready for Marketing Automation?
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Featured in Silicon India

Transfunnel featured in Silicon India as 20 Most Promising Inbound Marketing Service Provider.

Transfunnel Ceo-Kapil Arora
Hubspot Platinum Agency

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