Kaleyra's SMS Integration App


Engaging and interacting with your contacts and customers - requires sending SMS and being able to track these messages at any point in time. Sending marketing SMS is the need of the hour to attract, engage and delight your customers and to move leads towards conversion into customers. As of now, HubSpot does not provide an inbuilt way to send SMS to contacts. Hence the need to jump out of Hubspot to other external applications providing SMS sending capability. But, what about tracking? What about mapping all these messages to a contact? What about sending SMS in bulk, in an automated manner?

Kaleyra's SMS Integration App provides the solution for the same. It allows you to leverage the SMS channel for your marketing & sales outreach and also for all your customer support information, while managing everything, from within HubSpot! Moreover, it also enables sending SMS messages to several contacts at once, in an automated way, through HubSpot workflows. In short, it provides you with a one-stop solution for all your messaging needs. It allows you to:

  • Send personalized Marketing, Transactional & OTP SMS to individual contacts
  • Send personalized Marketing, Transactional & OTP SMS in bulk, in an automated manner through HubSpot Workflows
  • Keep track of messages sent to contacts, their delivery status, details of receiver, etc
  • Create contact-based Lists (Active/Static) based on SMS sent
  • Create deals, tickets or enroll contacts in another workflow based on SMS


  1. To install the Kaleyra's SMS Integration App navigate to App Marketplace
  2. Click Install App button on top right corner as shown below.

Install Image

  1. Select a plan from the available plans, as per your requirements


  • Note: The Yearly plan has an extra 10% discount.
  1. Click Next. Then you have to fill a Registration form


  1. After submitting the form, you will be redirected to the Payment Page


  1. After you have completed the payment process, you will be redirected to a success page that will show your selected plan and its billing period


  1. You will soon receive an email with the link for installing the app, along with links to necessary documentation & guides


  1. Click on the Installation link to start the installation process
  2. Once the list of available HubSpot accounts is displayed, choose the HubSpot account you want to connect the app with

Install Image

  1. Click on Connect App to connect the Kaleyra SMS with HubSpot

Install Image

  1. You'll be redirected to a form where you need to fill the following details:
    • Kaleyra API key
    • Kaleyra Security Identifier (SID)
    Get your API key, SID from the Developers tab in Kaleyra. Need help? View the video
  1. Submit the form by clicking on Submit

Your installation process is complete!

Finding Kaleyra SMS App in HubSpot

Click on the Settings icon
On the left side-menu, click on Integrations
In the sub-menu, click on Connected apps
Here you can search for “Kaleyra SMS”

Setting up SMS Templates

To start using the SMS integration, you need to add SMS templates on the Templates portal. To add a template, follow these steps:

  1. In your HubSpot portal, go to Contacts
  2. Open any Contact's page
  3. On the right-hand side, under the Kaleyra SMS section, click on the Templates link
  4. You'll be redirected to the Templates portal. Here, you can View, Add, Edit & Delete Templates
  5. To create a template, as per the templates already approved in Kaleyra portal, click on Add New Template.
    • Enter Sender ID
    • Enter the Name of the Template
    • Select the Type of Template
      • Marketing
      • One-Time Password
      • Transactional
    • Enter/Copy the message of the template from your Kaleyra portal here
    • Submit form to add template

Sending SMS to individual HubSpot contacts

  1. In your HubSpot portal, go to Contacts
  2. Choose a contact to send SMS message
  3. On the right side, under Kaleyra SMS, click on Send SMS. A form will open in a dialog box
  4. In the Recipient dropdown, choose either Mobile Number or Phone Number
  5. In the Message Type dropdown, select from the following SMS types:
    • Marketing
    • One-Time Password
    • Transactional
  6. After choosing the Message Type, you will be able to choose the template to send, based on Message Type
  7. Choose the template to send
  8. The message of the selected template will be displayed in the textbox
    • You can edit the message with variable(s)/parameter(s)
    • You will not be able to edit the message of templates without variable(s)/parameter(s)
  9. After you click Send, you will see a success message once the request is made
  10. You can go to the Contact's activity tab to see details of every SMS sent to this contact as individual events. When an SMS is not delivered, an event is created with the reason for failure and other details. The details that are recorded include the following:
    • Unique ID
    • Message
    • SMS Sender
    • SMS Receiver
    • SMS Type
    • Delivery Status
    • Reason of Failure

Sending SMS Messages in Bulk to HubSpot contacts

  1. Go to Automation ➜ Workflows on HubSpot
  2. Click on Create Workflow
  3. Create a new blank Contact-based Workflow
  4. To create the workflow, set-up a trigger for the workflow

    • Trigger can be based on specific contacts, a contact list or previously sent SMS
    • You may choose to create a deal, a ticket, a task or send another SMS based on these triggers
  5. To add the Send SMS action, Click on the + under Triggers to choose an action, a list will appear with all the available actions. Search & select Kaleyra SMS
  6. In the Recipient dropdown, choose either Mobile Number or Phone Number
  7. In the Message Type dropdown, select from the following SMS types:
    • Marketing
    • One-Time Passwords
    • Transactional
  8. After choosing the Message Type, you will be able to choose the template to send, based on Message Type
  9. Choose the template to send
  10. You will need to add the message of the selected template in the Message field.
    • Message text must be identical to the approved template.
    • HubSpot contact token(s) can be used as values in templates with variable values
    • workflow_send_sms.jpg
  11. Save the Action after completing the form
  12. Click on Review and Publish
  13. There will be one final review for the number of contacts that will be enrolled in the workflow and the message will be sent to. Click on Turn On to start the workflow
  14. The Activity log of the contact shows various details about the messages sent and received, like the message status (Sent | Received | Delivered). When sending of message fails, it also shows the reason of failure
If you need any help with installation or with setting up the Kaleyra SMS Integration app, you can reach out to us.