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OverviewTransFunnel, A Drift Partner

When it comes to meeting your customers in any form or trying to establish real, long-term relationships, AI does more than giving you real-looking chatbots. It makes sure you are at the right place, at the right time, and talking to the right customer. You make conversations more human by offering them what they need, and not what you would like them to have. And our partnership with Drift will ensure the same. Drift connects you to real-time leads so you don’t have to rely on traditional ‘forms’ of marketing anymore and lose out on opportunities. Now you can engage with them when they are visiting you - right then and there.

What is Drift?

Drift is a chatbot application that can be directly added onto your website to gain real-time information about your visitors. The chatbot acts as per the scripted conversation with the visitor/potential prospect and mitigates the chances of losing out on leads when a representative from your team is not available. If someone is available, the chatbot strategically connects them with the visitors to answer their specific queries.


TransFunnel Drift Services

Drift Set-up

As a certified Drift partner, we will support right from the setting-up phase, all the way up to the onboarding and post-implementation. According to Forrester, 54% of consumers believe that interacting with a chatbot will have a negative impact on their quality of life. As Drift partners, we are moved to change this perception and ensure you are reaping the benefits of this conversational marketing platform.

We will:

  • Audit the existing platform
  • Suggest on potential gains
  • Set-up Drift
  • Plan visitor targeting and segmentation

With Drift, you can reach out to even those visitors who are not ready to buy yet but have queries about you, as they explore your website. How is it different? Drift is AI-empowered and therefore, can make smart decisions on its own about keeping a lead engaged even if any live representative is not available. This makes your marketing team convert them into qualified leads with fewer delays than other widely used marketing strategies.

Ready for a chat (bot) to engage, qualify, and book meetings in real-time?Get in touch with us today.

Chatbot Implementation

Our Drift experts help build a successful plan including segmentation, targeting, and full-proof design of your Drift program. Right from showing you how to optimise and maximise your Drift investment to taking you through day-to-day operations of the plan, we are here to successfully help you navigate into this new world.

We will:

  • Set up technical requirement documentation
  • Design and develop Drift playbooks
  • Design, develop, and test the bot
  • Help you monitor and optimise the tool

As one of the easiest to use chatbot software, Drift’s abilities go beyond connecting you to potential leads. Once successfully implemented, its analytics elements help your sales and marketing teams analyse and come up with new solutions and approaches, resulting in better sales in lesser hours.

Ready for a chat (bot) to engage, qualify, and book meetings in real-time?Get in touch with us today.

Drift Program Management

As opposed to traditional marketing tactics where you are relying on form fills and sign-ups, conversational marketing takes your marketing efforts ten steps forward. Our Drift consultants are ready to help you with a conversational marketing growth plan that is in sync with the platform itself and to make sure you are maximising your investment.

We will:

  • Help in monitoring and quality control
  • Help in meeting your business objectives
  • Provide regular chatbot strategy
  • Make changes to the bot as the strategy evolves

With popular CRM integrations, Drift’s chatbot abilities seamlessly fit your other efforts and tools that you must be working with, such as Google Analytics. Using Drift, you can maximise your understanding of user behaviour and plan your outreach strategies accordingly. You can now initiate more conversations, close more deals, and drive more revenue to your business.

Ready for a chat (bot) to engage, qualify, and book meetings in real-time?Get in touch with us today.

Automating Your Sales Funnel

How easy would it be if you could capture all your visitors’ information in real-time when they are browsing your website and segregate them into qualified or not then and there, right? Except that it is now possible. Drift’s intelligent sales assistant LeadBot™ does exactly that and more. Our Drift experts not only show you how this is possible but also make sure the platform is leading you towards tremendous growth.

We will:

  • Help you maximise lead conversion
  • Help you maximum the engagment rate
  • Help salespersons understand the bot process
  • Help salespersons understand how they can incorporate a seamless customer experience

You can start looking at gaining tangible results for your business in the form of capturing leads, booking meetings, creating pipelines, and generating revenue. Our customer success team also helps you understand and finalise on chatbot designs for maximum engagement and the script that will help the chatbot ask just the right questions.

Ready for a chat (bot) to engage, qualify, and book meetings in real-time?Get in touch with us today.

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