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Make your Leads travel faster down the Sales Funnel

Leadsquared Consulting

Leadsquared is the ultimate ally for your sales funnel. If you wish to make the transition of your leads fast and smooth then this platform ensures that the job gets done conveniently and efficiently.

Let us take a closer look at how TransFunnel helps you pull off this trick

How we can help?

Leadsquared brings to your service offerings to help your leads slide through the sales funnel with ease and in the process up your sales figures. It does this through the use of multiple tools, dashboards and templates that help you create a customized and business aligned marketing automation plan. In order to make the most of its multiple offerings, it is required that you know exactly which features are going to bring in those numbers you are looking at. TransFunnel helps you do just that. Contact us to learn more about on how TransFunnel can help you with Leadsquared.

Why TransFunnel?

TransFunnel provides to all the assistance you require to optimally use your Leadsquared platform. Whether you are considering a new sales campaign or thinking of incorporating a new landing page, we help you carry out these activities quickly and smoothly. We assist you in saving the time of trying to understand the platform and which offerings suit you the best. By asking you relevant questions and focusing on your core needs, TransFunnel’s certified experts help you:

● Understand Leadsquared
● Implement it optimally
● Train your employees on how to get the best out of it.

In any business, time is money and we help you save time and earn more revenues by helping you make the most of your marketing investment.

Leadsquared Services Offering

Leadsquared is your number 1 provider when it comes to inbound marketing initiatives. It has got something for every kind of business and more. It assists you in each and every step of your marketing process from attracting client, nurturing leads, to closing leads.

Capture more leads –

  • Create landing pages that attract more leads
  • Turn your website into the ultimate lead generator by using the Leadsquared website widgets
  • Capture leads from all the sources imaginable, emails, website, online campaigns, chats, messages, and more.

Boost sales –

  • Identify hot leads so that you can turn them into successful conversions
  • Engage your leads and watch their progress through the sales funnel
  • Ensure a smooth journey for your leads through the sales funnel
  • Gain behavioral insights that will help you drive directed marketing efforts that will ensure more conversions

Automate marketing –

  • Identify a lead and pursue them through drip marketing ensuring engagement and sales on a continuous basis
  • Create and share lead-specific customized content to attract attention and interest
  • Segment your leads based on geography, lead scores, or buying behavior for better lead nurturing initiatives

Sales Analytics and Reporting –

  • Engagement insights help you focus on the leads closer to conversion
  • Valuable campaigns insights and reports help you trigger the right marketing activities that bring in the right leads
  • Targeted reports help you identify the sources that drive in revenue for you, be it product, services, customers or your marketing and sales team.

Leadsquared Training for Your Team

TransFunnel’s certified experts help your team get on-board with the Leadsquared platform and teach them the tips and tricks to use the application optimally. We walk your team through the intricacies and share experiences which will help them gather an idea of mistakes to avoid and methods to adopt in order to reap in ROI within a short period of time.