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Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce is a powerful tool that can empower your marketing, sales and support team, engage, convert, and close leads much more efficiently thereby bringing in better ROI. Salesforce allows you to track the online actions and buying behaviour of your leads. It lets you identify popular pages in your websites, tracks email success rates and if that new video you have put is being seen by the right people.

Salesforce is a powerful tool but a basic knowledge is bound to give you basic results. If you wish to skyrocket your conversions, you will need an in-depth knowledge of the tool to make the most of it. A skillfully executed, customized implementation and integration can guarantee the success you are looking for.

Let us take a closer look at how TransFunnel helps you pull off this trick

How Can We Help ?

Our Salesforce certified team at TransFunnel works with you to understand your business and its needs to customize Salesforce to fit your business requirements. We train your team on how to use the tool and reap its benefits optimally.

Why TransFunnel ?

Our team of Salesforce certified experts has both necessary knowledge and experience from implementing Salesforce platforms for clients from various domains. They bring together this knowledge and experience to provide seamless integration and implementation of Salesforce for you.

Sales Force Offering

Salesforce offers a host of sales, marketing and CRM related services in the form of Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service cloud, Community Cloud and Wave Analytics.

Sales Cloud The sales cloud allows you to close more deals, boost business’ productivity, generate more leads and take more informed decisions.

Marketing Cloud Marketing cloud helps you create engaging email campaigns, send IMs and connect with your leads on social media. Moreover, it assists in running some very innovative ad campaigns, and insights on web page visitors and their subsequent behaviour and actions.

Service Cloud This tool helps provide excellent multi-channel support and personalized services to your customers through a 24/7 support. A quick, responsive and informed customer service always attracts clients and encourages repeat sales.

Community Cloud One of the best platforms provided by Salesforce is the community cloud. With this tool you can create a community for anything, thereby creating a virtual space for your clients, partners or employees.

Salesforce Training for Your Team

TransFunnel’s team of Salesforce certified experts trains CRM, sales, marketing and support teams on how to run the tool and align its functions to the business. Your team learns how to operate Salesforce from our experts who have handled multiple implementations on various domains.