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Hubspot Consulting

Hubspot is your all-in-one inbound marketing automation platform. From websites to landing pages to blogs to social media marketing and more, Hubspot brings you all the tools you require to reach your target audience and make the most of the incoming leads.

If you are looking for a results oriented marketing application for your business, then Hubspot is the one for you.

Let us take a closer look at how TransFunnel helps you pull off this trick

Challenges in implementing Hubspot

Although Hubspot takes away your marketing woes and makes inbound marketing look like a cakewalk, integrating and implementing into your business can be a different story altogether. To make the most of this marketing magic app you will need some guidance that includes tips, tricks and some detailed strategy discussions on how to use Hubspot optimally. Our Hubspot certified trainers at TransFunnel, help you do just that.

How can we help?

If you have already implemented Hubspot in your business we can help:

  • Create a customized lead management strategy that will help processing leads through clearly defined stages
  • Provide sales training by using Hubspot to define and identify different buyer personas and how to communicate with them
  • Generate personalized email content based on the need/stage
  • Strengthen website SEO and strategy implementation
  • Implement and integrate CRM strategy

If you are new to Hubspot and wish to use the software optimally, we can help:

  • Cull out the most important information from your website’s online submissions
  • Create eyeball-grabbing emails with catchy subjects and differentiated content
  • Monitor the social media platforms to get to know what customers think
  • Create the right landing pages that will bring better qualified leads
  • Optimize content for emails, blog posts, social media marketing and more
  • Generate reports that will help sales and marketing team take smart decisions

Why TransFunnel?

  • Seamless integration & implementation
  • Training using case-studies
  • Content generation & lead management

Hubspot Services Offering

Hubspot helps you in the following ways:

GENERATING LEADS – In assigning metrics to your lead nurturing campaigns and lead scoring techniques
CONVERTING LEADS – In providing you with effective calls-to-action that will give your leads the final push towards closing the deal. Landing pages, forms and contacts also help garner more relevant information.
CLOSING DEALS – In retaining your converted leads for more future conversions with the help of workflows strategy implementation, personalized emails, lead scoring and CRM integration.
DELIGHTING YOUR CUSTOMERS – In continually communicating with customers through after sales support, direct email and social media content to maintain top-of-mind recall.

Hubspot-Salesforce Integration

With Hubspot Salesforce Integration, you can provide the sales team with valuable information which will help follow up and convert leads successfully. By helping with buyers’ persona and lead statuses, you empower the team to take the right action at the right time.

The Hubspot-Salesforce integration is easy to set up and does not require any technical knowledge. Our experts at TransFunnel can help with the integration process that might require in-depth understanding of the system.

The best part about the Hubspot-Salesforce integration is that it is bi-directional- any change that you make in either tool will reflect on the other automatically. This synchronized data updating goes a long way in improving your overall integration experience.