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Account Based Marketing Services


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Customised target-account centric marketing activities that achieve results. ABM seeks to focus marketing efforts on specific high-value accounts, with personalised information delivered to these. This could take the form of content, campaigns, paid marketing and anything else.

Why Account-Based
Marketing (ABM)?

All content and associated interactions are crafted in such a way that they perfectly align with the needs of the account. There are therefore more chances of these accounts thinking your business and its products and services are relevant for their needs. This can speed up their journey through the buyer funnel and you get the benefit of a shorter sales cycle.

More importantly, the nature of ABM calls on marketing and sales to work in synergy with one another, wherein target accounts are identified, marketing campaigns launched and individual accounts need to be quickly pushed through the pipeline. This demands both sales and marketing to be on the same page at all times. At TransFunnel, we deliver ABM marketing backed with marketing automation to deliver the ROI you are looking for from ABM.

Why Account-Based Marketing?
  • Partner with us for your ABM needs because we are thorough.
  • This is important because in ABM you have just one shot at targeting high-value stakeholders from high-value accounts.

ABM Nurturing Strategy

How TransFunnel helped a training team gain a 1100% rise in web traffic in 2 yrs

ABM Nurturing Strategy
Why TransFunnel

Why TransFunnel for ABM?

TransFunnel adopts a comprehensive approach towards ABM, which begins with collaborating with your team to zero in on the right accounts and running a complete account analysis. We also evaluate your competition in the niche to understand what they are doing, where they are going right and how they are going wrong. This allows us to create a holistic ABM strategy that ticks all the boxes. Only then do we begin our strategic execution backed by tailored content, delivered through bespoke campaigns. We then keep optimising the campaigns to deliver results as per your expectations. This is as thorough as it can get, thus it delivers results.