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TransFunnel is Now an Official Partner

TransFunnel Consulting
India: September 1, 2023, 16:26 IST

TransFunnel announces becoming a certified partner of, marking a step forward in its commitment to deliver modern day work management solutions.

“Partnering with a partner like TransFunnel opens new doors to seamless work management. We're thrilled to join forces with TransFunnel. This partnership reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions that drive productivity and efficiency,” says Chhavi Porwal, Regional Partnerships,

Collaborating with authorised partners brings unparalleled platform expertise, ensuring seamless integration tailored to unique business needs. TransFunnel aims to offer hands-on client engagement that goes beyond implementation, helping companies swiftly harness the power of

Workflow platforms or tools for project management and task management have emerged as the backbone of modern businesses in the post lockdown economy, revolutionising how tasks are managed and processes are executed. A robust workflow platform like is essential to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and drive consistent, measurable results.

Expressing that the partner status is a badge of expertise and trust, shares Mona Chopra, COO and director, TransFunnel Consulting. "The badge is a testament to our proficiency in successfully delivering intricate projects, cementing the confidence reposed in us by both our clients and the team,” she says.

From optimising Sales & CRM processes, enhancing marketing campaigns, enabling efficient development workflows, empowering project management, facilitating IT helpdesk management, streamlining HR tasks, and promoting seamless collaboration for creative & design teams, TransFunnel, in partnership with, presents department-specific solutions with tailored tools fostering productivity and organisational synergy.

Introducing TransFunnel + Solution Portfolio

  • Work Management: The collaboration provides a comprehensive solution for effective task and project management, boosting productivity.
  • Sales CRM: The partnership enhances sales teams' CRM capabilities for lead management, customer engagement, and revenue growth.
  • Dev: Development teams benefit from a powerful platform for streamlined software development, task assignments, progress tracking, and seamless collaboration that enhance development processes and ensure software delivery.

About TransFunnel:

TransFunnel Consulting is transforming businesses by leveraging MarTech and IT services solutions to accelerate business growth and ROI.

Join us as we embark on a new era of streamlined work solutions for your teams. To learn more, contact us to explore how our partnership with can elevate your business proficiency.

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