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Performance Driven Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound Methodology

Inbound Methodology

Why inbound

Inbound marketing exists at the intersection of awareness, consideration and decision-making. It is disruptive but not interruptive marketing. It doesn’t exist to disturb, but creates long-lasting, meaningful customer relationships that deliver immense value. This is done by creating powerful experiences fuelled by extraordinary storytelling that potential customers are able to find, when they have a need for it. This is delivered at every stage of the buyer’s journey to push them further into the funnel, but doesn’t end even after the prospect expresses disinterest, or post purchase.

The three stages of any inbound strategy include: Attraction: The right people are targeted at the right time, with the right content that aligns with their buyer persona. This content delivers the kind of information that drives trust between your brand and its potential customers.

Engagement: This audience is provided with solutions to their pain points in a manner that is informative and which aims to put the focus on your products and services. The idea is to push them to a stage that drives actionable decision making.

Delight: Once a decision is made, you deliver further value that makes buyers fall in love with your product or service so that they have no doubt that your brand was the perfect choice and they should never look anywhere else.

At TransFunnel, our inbound marketers support your inbound efforts delivering value across all three stages of your inbound strategy.

Why Inbound Marketing
Why TransFunnel

Why TransFunnel?

Our expertise lies in creating an inbound marketing strategy that is business oriented, customer-centric and ROI-driven. The inbound marketers at TransFunnel have sunk their teeth in a plethora of marketing automation tools, and leveraged their range of functionalities to bring the power of automation to inbound marketing. This makes our inbound strategy more geared towards smashing success. We bring an effective cocktail of storytelling and marketing to inbound, that makes your target audience want to know more about your brand, and the products and services it offers. We don’t try to shout the loudest, but break through the clutter with incisive subtlety that works every single time.

Happy clients speak

Sarthak Mulick

Overall, we had a good experience working with TransFunnel. The team is well aware of the technical details of Salesforce and HubSpot and are also prompt to act on urgent issues and bugs. The TransFunnel team is knowledgeable of the potential of HS-SF as a tool and also proactively recommended ideas for us to try.

Sarthak Mulick Product Manager, Livspace
Arun Kumar Ganesan

We have been engaged with TransFunnel for over a year now, to optimize, execute and better channelize our Marketo based initiatives. They were an active partner in shaping our marketing automation strategy and the maturity of our MarTech systems. If you are on the lookout for someone who would thoughtfully catalyse your MarTech initiatives, then your first call should be to Transfunnel.

Arun Kumar Ganesan Director Marketing, Harman Connected Services
Alison Jarabo

HubSpot, Creatives and Website
We work with Transfunnel on an ongoing basis and find them to have a wide skill set available. They are responsive to emails and the daily call we have is invaluable in keeping momentum on our projects. All work is carried out to a high standard.

Alison Jarabo Managing Director, Fathom Maritime Intelligence
Swati Bucha

The first project we worked on with TransFunnel was to migrate our website within a month. Throughout the entire process, TransFunnel exceeded all expectations. All work was completed on time and without compromising on quality. The team was happy to take our feedback and fix everything accordingly.

Swati Bucha Marketing Lead, Streamsource Technologies Inc.(Skeps)