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Align marketing, sales & service; assess their full potential

RevOps, also known as Revenue Operations, is a business function that puts together your sales, marketing and services operations under one roof. This helps you make smarter decisions and gives you a holistic view to analyse and streamline your business operations.

Let’s lubricate the three big areas of your business - sales, marketing and service operations with RevOps to give your stakeholders a bird’s eye view of revenue growth and accelerate the flywheel of your business growth by reducing friction

Greater Revenue (RevOps)
Greater Revenue
Better Visibility
Better Visibility
Better Allignment
Better Alignment
How RevOps Helps Company

How RevOps helps companies in scalability and alignment?

  • Bridge operational gaps in customer journey
  • Break down silos in marketing, sales and services
  • Ensure accountability and synchronicity
  • Improve accounting practice within organisation
  • Improved consistency and faster revenue growth
  • Unifies revenue goal setting process
  • Boost customer experience for faster sales cycle
  • Make smarter & trustworthy decisions
  • Increase use of technology within organisation

Why HubSpot RevOps?

With HubSpot RevOps, you can break free from gradual, step-by-step growth to welcome an upward growth curve. Align your data, teams and processes by implementing a RevOps strategy and see your business scale.

Align marketing, sales and services under a common metrics
Generate metrics-based customised reports
Align sales and customer services of B2B businesses
Better integration and connectivity
Manage your MQL efforts with automated workflows
Integrate diverse tools in connected environment
Why TransFunnel for HubSpot RevOps

Why TransFunnel?

TransFunnel is the go-to #1 HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner in India and the ONLY HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certified (AIC) partner in India. We have helped customers undertake complex custom integrations and that’s how we won the HubSpot Impact Award for 'Technical Expertise' 2022.

TransFunnel helps you leverage your revenue engine by providing these holistic services:

  • Structured data for marketing, sales and service
  • Streamlined business revenue processes
  • Enhanced KPIs and reporting
  • Building the right tech stack
  • Training by our professional experts
  • Strategic business insights, planning and development

Being a trusted HubSpot Elite partner, TransFunnel fulfills the goal of maximising revenue growth faster for businesses ranging from startups to enterprises using the RevOps strategy.