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Inbound Marketing Strategy for B2B

Inbound strategy

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Has it ever occurred to you that you are generating content like never before, yet you are repelling the crowd? This is exactly what we rectify. We frame inbound strategies that will focus on organically attracting new leads and sustaining existing customers with relevant, SEO optimised content. Explore the world of content marketing to realise that the answer lies within.

Inbound strategy

We help strategise your brand’s journey towards improved customer awareness.

Do you want to hold your customers by the scruff of their necks and tell them about your brand? Or do you want them to find your brand and information about its products and services naturally, when they are looking for such information? The former is not an option, isn’t it? No one likes aggressive marketing. Inbound is the opposite of ‘in your face’ marketing and convinces your target audiences to make a buying decision in favour of your brand.

What is an inbound strategy? This is an umbrella term that includes a list of activities that puts your brand in front of your target audience, when they want to know more about it. Simply put, you want your business information to be found, only when your audience is trying to find it, not before, not after. This increases chances of your audience converting into prospects, who then turn into leads and finally into customers who make a buying decision. The foundation of every inbound strategy rests on targeting the right persona with informational and branded content that boosts brand reputation and instils brand trust. Together this drives buyer confidence.

Inbound Strategy
  • We mix a solid inbound approach with reliable marketing automation.
  • Our inbound activities are backed by a successful track record of delivering continuing results.

The Contours of Transfunnel’s
Inbound Strategy

How TransFunnel helped a training team gain a 1100% rise in web traffic in 2 yrs

Contours of Transfunnel’s Inbound Strategy
Why TransFunnel

Why TransFunnel?

Inbound experts at TransFunnel create an inbound strategy backed by strong data and in-depth understanding of what works and more importantly what doesn’t. Our inbound activities are backed by a successful track record of delivering continuing results for clients across diverse domains. We mix a solid inbound approach with reliable marketing automation to ensure you have better control over your inbound activities and stay on top of all aspects of your inbound strategy. If you want to take your marketing to the next-level, nothing beats our inbound strategy.