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We craft results-driven content for diverse marketing use-cases and campaigns. It’s time to say goodbye to legacy marketing strategies that are offering diminishing returns. Embrace pull marketing backed by compelling, current and meaningful content distributed across channels used by your audience to look for information.

Why Content

The reasoning behind content marketing is to offer actionable information that convinces prospects to make a positive buying decision. This is opposed to traditional marketing strategies that force a buying decision.

With content marketing, you don’t promote your products or services, but provide useful, problem-solving content that pitches your business as a solutions-provider. This showcases your understanding of specific issues that your audience wants to address, which in turn creates trust between your brand and its prospective customers. This sets the stage for a long-term association between a brand and its audience.

Our Content Expertise

Website Blogs Your website can be a repository of some awesome solutions-centric information for your audience. It should be the first place they visit to look for actionable information. We will create website blogs that boost brand reputation.

Newsletters Keep your prospects up to speed with the latest brand updates and also the latest happenings in your domain. This keeps your brand at the top of their mind space. Our newsletter specialists will build and execute a newsletter strategy that will deliver great results.

Whitepapers Your brand’s reputation will be built by showcasing your domain knowledge and the ability to understand target audience problems and providing a solution. TransFunnel can produce whitepapers that are research-driven, easy to read and will perfectly exhibit your expertise.

Social Media Posts A strong presence on social media boosts brand visibility. This happens by publishing engaging posts on diverse social media platforms. At TransFunnel, our social media experts have championed the art of creating the right kind of brand buzz on any and all social channels.

Email Marketing With the number of cold emails your prospects receive in a day, there is a good chance that most will find their way to trash. But with TransFunnel, our email marketers are masters at crafting persuasive emails, with impactful subject lines that will make recipients curious.

Videos What better way to create and deliver content than through videos? But this is easier said than done. Yes, your audience will love videos, but they need to tell a good story, should be on point and must be technically sound. We create just such videos for our clients to drive huge video-ROI.

Podcasts Got a captive audience? Use podcasts. TransFunnel helps you board the podcasts bandwagon, in an extremely planned and outcomes-focused manner. This will improve brand recall and allow you to hold forth on topics that are important for your audience in a manner that achieves instant connect.

Webinars Mix the formats in which you reach out to your audience. Webinars are yet another way of getting your brand in front of people you want to turn into customers. TransFunnel helps you make this possible by creating webinars that build brand authority.

Why Content Marketing?
  • We help you tell a story to your audience with the help of an inbound strategy.
  • The story keeps your audience's interest and that's the time we introduce your products and services to push your audience further down the sales funnel.

solution-centric story

How TransFunnel helped an audio brand with ad campaigns and increased traffic to their website

TransFunnel's solution-centric story
Why TransFunnel

Why TransFunnel?

TransFunnel is a content marketer par excellence, having experience across all content marketing activities including strategy, creation, optimisation, promotion, maintenance and reporting. We promise and deliver optimal content marketing returns.