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1. When native integration isn't possible with HubSpot

When native integration isn't possible with HubSpot

Technology is evolving continuously, and your business’s tech stack needs to keep up with all the rapid technological changes. This is because certain technologies are all set to add tremendous economic value, a case in point being generative AI is estimated to add $4.4 trillion in economic value., according to McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2023. Therefore, there is no doubt that organisations will have to keep updating and modifying their use of technology, where custom integration plays an important role.

You are reading this article because you are either thinking of deploying HubSpot CRM, have deployed this CRM, or have been using HubSpot for some time. HubSpot's crucial benefit is the ability to integrate various apps and systems you are already using or plan on using with this CRM. This way, these apps/systems can share data and functionality with HubSpot, making this CRM the beating heart of your business. You can leverage a single pane of glass to get visibility into their data and and leverage their functions. Overall, this enriches your HubSpot experience.

While HubSpot does make integration a breeze there are certain challenges when you want to use a system that cannot be natively integrated with HubSpot?

2. Why custom integrations?

Why custom integrations?

Why Custom Integrations?

The HubSpot app marketplace has numerous apps cutting across different services. Still, there is a chance that you need a functionality that aims to build a custom relationship with HubSpot and manage certain specific data types, and this specific feature/functionality is not available across the marketplace apps. In such cases, you might want to develop a custom solution that addresses your need and connect it to HubSpot. In such a case, you must leverage HubSpot custom integration, which harnesses a custom code that helps your chosen product connect with HubSpot. As can be imagined, such integrations are incredibly complex and require a thorough understanding of HubSpot architecture and technical know-how.

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3. TransFunnel and HubSpot Custom Integration Expertise

TransFunnel and HubSpot Custom Integration Expertise

TransFunnel and HubSpot Custom Integration Expertise

Our experts can manage a range of HubSpot integrations, including:

  • A. HubSpot CMS Integration

    We customise and integrate the content management system you need to create personalised website pages that can achieve high conversion rates. Our CMS integration ensures your reliance on the developer ecosystem by a long way.

  • B. HubSpot Third-Party Software Products Integration

    We help you integrate products that are not available on the app marketplace with HubSpot and its entire ecosystem. This means you don’t lose out on a product that benefits your business.

  • C. HubSpot E-Commerce Platform Integration

    We help you connect your e-commerce store with HubSpot so that you can drive online store conversions by executing strategies directly through HubSpot. This lets you connect e-commerce data with HubSpot data for better customer intelligence.

  • D. HubSpot Legacy System and Website Integration

    Your established website doesn’t need to be discarded when you choose HubSpot. We are website integration experts who can integrate existing websites with HubSpot. We also integrate legacy systems with HubSpot to improve operational efficiency and output.

  • E. HubSpot CRM integration

    We can integrate the data of your existing CRM with HubSpot to ensure you don’t lose existing data and HubSpot data is further enriched with data from your older CRM. Don’t lose all the good work you have done!

  • F. Data Warehouse Integration

    We have the expertise needed to define and build a data pipeline that loads your HubSpot data into a data warehouse, giving you immediate access to all your customer data and making it available for other processes and systems.

  • G. HubSpot CTI integration

    Our CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) skill sets and know-how can be leveraged to plug telephony controls of a range of calling providers into HubSpot. This helps you benefit from placing calls directly from HubSpot and leveraging end-to-end call management.

  • H. CRM Migrations

    We migrate all your existing CRM data to HubSpot accurately, seamlessly, and comprehensively. Existing data will be mapped to different HubSpot functions to ensure all data has been migrated, and validation ensures the accuracy of this data.

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4. Most Common HubSpot Integration Managed by TransFunnel

Most Common HubSpot Integration Managed by TransFunnel

Most Common HubSpot Integration Managed By TransFunnel
  • A. HubSpot Native Integrations

    HubSpot natively integrates with various apps and systems available through the app marketplace. At TransFunnel, we have comprehensive expertise in mapping the right apps to specific client needs and connecting them to HubSpot. Our native integration expertise includes Salesforce, MS Dynamic CRM, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, WordPress, Drift, Stripe, Intercom, GoToWebinar, Zoom, Shopify, Survey Monkey, and Slack. Irrespective of the category and functionality, we can seamlessly integrate the product with your HubSpot CRM.

  • B. HubSpot Custom Integration

    Don’t see your app on HubSpot’s app marketplace? Do you want to integrate a custom app or system with HubSpot? We leverage a custom integration process to connect your chosen app/software/system with HubSpot to streamline your needed process. Our custom integration ensures you get unified visibility into different processes through a single dashboard, allowing you to manage them better and maximise their potential. Our HubSpot custom integration expertise includes Travel desk product API (Mystifly), Syncing of Web applications, Clearbit, Knowlarity, WooCommerce Checkout, Pardot, Drupal, Segment, Explara, Mautic, RMS, WhatsApp, MS Dynamic CRM, and more.

  • C. HubSpot API Integrations

    We can leverage HubSpot APIs to build the kind of integrations that help you maximise HubSpot's potential. We can build integrations within an existing HubSpot deployment for a specific HubSpot account or install an app across different HubSpot accounts used by a team or teams. Our HubSpot API integration expertise includes Marketo, Pipe Drive, HubSpot to HubSpot, and more.

  • D. Webhooks Integrations

    A typical organisation has multiple integrations with HubSpot, making it difficult to track when a system is updated with new data. This is where HubSpot webhooks come into play that help follow the various events associated with a particular integration, and notify users of the same. We are webhook implementation experts, and our expertise includes creating and implementing webhooks for the sales deal stage age calculator, lead age calculator, sales deal stage automation, date match, sequencing tasks, match system date with meeting time, HubSpot instance usage report, printing company summarised report from HubSpot, and more.

5. TransFunnel’s Custom Integration Process

TransFunnel’s Custom Integration Process

HubSpot custom integration services offered by TransFunnel are founded on extensive requirements gathering, analysis, evaluation, execution, analysis, and refinement. Here are some of the critical steps that each integration project undergoes:

  • 1. Define HubSpot Integration Objectives

    Whether it's custom HubSpot API integration, webhook implementation, or product integration, the first question we ask the client is – What do you hope to achieve from this integration? What are your goals, both tangible and intangible? By understanding the client's needs, we get more clarity on integration methodology and subsequent configuration. More importantly, if we think there is a better choice than the client’s existing app or system pick, we suggest the alternative.

  • 2. Evaluate the Need for Custom Integration

    This is an offshoot of the first step. To understand the client's needs thoroughly, we try to figure out whether the HubSpot CMS integration or HubSpot CRM integration is worth the effort. It is important to note that custom integration takes more time as compared to native integration. If there is a native integration option that can deliver the same value to the client, we suggest the same.

  • 3. Integration Technicalities

    Whether it is creating a custom code, custom API, custom connector, or something else, we figure out the best approach to integrating HubSpot with a third-party app, software system, or product. If an existing system is deployed at the client’s end that needs to be custom-integrated with the CRM, we also need to work out the data transfer and sharing modalities.

  • D. Integration Testing

    Does the integration address all the client's needs and can help achieve all pre-determined objectives? We thoroughly test the integration across different parameters, ensure it is up to speed.

  • D. Integration Support

    The client might require integration support at various intervals. For example, over time, the client might have changed specific HubSpot settings that conflict with the integration and thus impact performance. In such cases, the client might need support to correct this problem. Typically, our integrations perform seamlessly, but if and when support is required, we are there to help.

6. Why TransFunnel + HubSpot Custom Integration?

Why TransFunnel + HubSpot Custom Integration?

Why TransFunnel HubSpot Custom Integration

TransFunnel is an elite HubSpot partner, and for good reason. We are HubSpot Custom Integration accredited partner. Over the years, our experts have perfected the art and science of configuring HubSpot for clients across domains. This has also given us the confidence to integrate many apps and systems available on the HubSpot marketplace and even those not available on this marketplace with the HubSpot CRM. Our integration specialists bring their A-game to HubSpot integration and leverage their development and HubSpot knowledge to ensure seamless integrations that deliver a high and sustainable ROI.