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HubSpot Audit Services

Why HubSpot Audit?

When your campaigns stop delivering results, when you think there are problems in HubSpot data, when marketing tasks need continuous revisions, when there is time wastage on projects that never get completed, when website visitors are not converting into leads, when lead pipeline has dried up poor email marketing performance and when data-driven decision-making fails to achieve the results. (Note: not all of these scenarios will play out at the same time or are interdependent).

HubSpot is an amazing marketing automation tool. But, if you are not careful, your HubSpot workflows, integrations and implementations can become old and inefficient. What’s more? Even the data on HubSpot – Yes – we are talking about marketing data that is the very foundation of your marketing strategy can become outdated. Result: HubSpot deployment will start delivering diminishing returns.

Our onboarding process is geared towards achieving a triad of objectives:

HubSpot Audit
  • A bird's eye view into the platform to identify the gaps that obstruct its efficiency.
  • Practical recommendations to leverage HubSpot.

Transfunnel Audit Process

How TransFunnel assisted a prominent healthcare brand in creating a global technology platform across their sales, marketing and services teams.

Why TransFunnel

Why TransFunnel?

Our HubSpot audit takes an in-depth look into the HubSpot platform and starts identifying the black holes restricting the platform’s efficacy. A thorough analysis and evaluation help us zero in on the gaps and make meaningful recommendations that that will smoothen the creases and optimise all HubSpot functionalities.