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Paid Advertising Services

Paid Advertising & PR

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Get bang for your buck with ROI-oriented paid marketing and public relations. Advertise on the right platforms and up your chances of getting noticed by your audience.

Why Paid
Advertising ?

Laser focused paid campaigns that are configured for delivering high ROI! This is a dream for most businesses, because if they are not careful, buying advertising space can be like a ravine with no bottom. You keep investing money, without getting returns. This is why you need the help of extraordinarily astute paid marketers and PR professionals who have a knack for making every paid marketing penny count.

This is TransFunnel’s forte! We make your paid campaigns work for your business.

Why Paid Advertising
  • The focus is on picking the right media to buy an advertising and PR spot that is fully aligned with your budget.

Channels for
Paid Marketing

How TransFunnel helped an audio brand with ad campaigns and increased traffic to their website

Channels for Paid Marketing
Why TransFunnel

Why TransFunnel?

Our paid marketing and PR experts have sunk their teeth in numerous paid campaigns for diverse clients, giving them the confidence to navigate all kinds of paid media challenges. We go one step ahead and analyse, evaluate and zero in on the expected deliverables before campaign execution. Our experts also adhere to comprehensive reporting to ensure all stakeholders are able to monitor campaign deliverables. We keep refining the campaign to deliver results as per plan.