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HubSpot Training for Sales and Marketing Success

Why Training?

Extensive training that enables your team to use HubSpot confidently.

We understand that individuals and the organisations they belong to have unique training needs. For some, HubSpot is a completely new platform they have to sink their teeth into and others have some level of HubSpot knowhow. There are still others who have been using HubSpot for a long time, but want to fine tune their skill sets. Our training program is customised to suit the learning needs of every individual.

At the end of the training exercise, our goal is to equip you with all the expertise needed to optimally use HubSpot and achieve your goals with this marketing automation software.

Types of Training Beginner This is great for those who just want an overview of HubSpot and its main features. The learners start from scratch and also get hands-on with the tools and features available in HubSpot. At the end of the training program, they will have a clear understanding of HubSpot and will be able to get started with HubSpot campaigns.

Intermediate This training is for those who will be using HubSpot day in and out, e.g: campaign managers who not only have to set up campaigns in HubSpot, but track results and monitor ROI. The objective of this training program is to help learners get practical experience of using almost all the HubSpot features, expertly creating workflows that automate their campaigns and also focusing on some of the key features that they will be using frequently.

Advanced As the name suggests, this offers a more granular level knowledge of HubSpot (also covering the technical aspects) and gets into the nitty-gritty of HubSpot integrations demystifying some of the more complex features of HubSpot. This is good for those who will be tasked to have a complete understanding of HubSpot functionalities, gain practical experience over them and will, more often than not, be accountable for ensuring tangible returns from HubSpot implementation.

HubSpot Training

Leverage inbound marketing and HubSpot marketing tools to acquire new contacts and push them through the funnel to turn into customers.

Adopt a process-oriented approach towards engagement, appeal and delight.

Improve closing rates and take proactive steps to rekindle lost opportunities with end-to-end leadmanagement including lead scoring,automated lead handoff and monitoring key marketing and sales metrics.

Maximise deliverables from salesprocess with an optimally configured deal pipeline backed by robust reporting and comprehensive sales intelligence.

Make use of the feature-rich set of tools on HubSpot CRM to improve deal closures by driving an error-free sales follow-up process.

Implement an automated process that replaces outdated manual approach to tracking deals and improve deal-centric data and measurement metrics within HubSpot tools.

Get answers to performance and non-performance of sales strategy through real-time sales intelligence delivered through comprehensive reporting and analytical insights.

Why TransFunnel

Why TransFunnel?

Drumroll please! TransFunnel has India’s only HubSpot Certified Trainer. Yes, we are justifiably proud of this achievement. But for us, this certification also serves a useful purpose. This allows us to deliver comprehensive training in line with HubSpot requirements. You can therefore have confidence in our training programs and ability to meet the highest quality standards, which are essentially set by HubSpot Academy.