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The All New HubSpot Sales Hub – Boost Your Business with AI Power!

Explore the latest features & AI tools in HubSpot Sales Hub. Maximize your sales efforts with innovative solutions. Discover what's new today with Transfunnel.

New HubSpot Sales Hub Features & AI Tools


TransFunnel Consulting

Complete Guide on Kanban Board Features for Project Management

Guide to Kanban board features, a vital tool for every project management and it's a versatile method that finds value in a variety of industries and scenarios.

Kanban Board Features for Project Management


TransFunnel Consulting

How does HubSpot integrate with other EdTech software and platforms?

HubSpot custom integration with EdTech software and platforms helps overcome challenges like disjointed tools, silo working, improper batch management and more.

HubSpot integration with other EdTech software and platforms

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