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"Case Study The Virtual Training Team"

The Virtual Training Team (VTT)

Training team
a virtual hit
with a 1100% rise
in web traffic
in 2 yrs

The traffic to The Virtual Training Team (VTT) website increased from 5,000 to 54,000 over a span of 2 years with TransFunnel’s end-to-end marketing services using HubSpot features.

About VTT

Having been at the forefront of virtual training for over a decade, VTT has carved a niche in over 70 countries.

TransFunnel proposed inbound marketing solutions with an aim to increase their web traffic with the help of relevant SEO optimised content and social media campaigns on HubSpot.

Lead conversion


Overall form fill


Service pages visitors


Trials and

  • VTT wanted to increase their web traffic to meet a set target of 250 a month. The client needed to build a solid content engine to help drive traffic and improve the lead qualification ratio.
  • Having invested in HubSpot, VTT were looking for a robust team to help them leverage the platform to get the maximum return on their investment.

What TransFunnel proposed?

TransFunnel proposed inbound marketing solutions in order to drive an increase in their web traffic underpinned by relevant SEO optimized content and social media campaigns on HubSpot. In parallel, we also offered website maintenance as a third-party analyst to streamline it and make sure it performed well. Our aim was to ensure VTT became the go-to brand for virtual training.

VTT was delighted with our proposal so TransFunnel got down to setting things right.

We needed a partner who would take the time to get to know our business and design a strategy, which would work for our particular challenges. In TransFunnel, we found exactly that - a true partner. A partner we could trust to find the right solution for us and be responsive to the changing market.

Marianne Joyce,

Marketing Director, VTT

Our approach:

  • To create a brand name for VTT in the virtual training industry across the United Kingdom and United States of America.
  • Revamp the VTT website based on SEO and content best practices.
  • Interlink content stage level and divert traffic from ToFu, MoFu and BoFu.
  • A solid content strategy to cover the deficit on the website and increase rankings of search terms.
  • Off page SEO activities and paid public relations on relevant websites.

Implementation with HubSpot products:

  • TransFunnel kicked off brand building activities by initiating marketing campaigns on HubSpot for VTT. We ran campaigns on paid marketing channels and promoted free demos on virtual training to pull in users to the VTT website.
  • By leveraging the HubSpot campaign management system, our team focused on email marketing campaigns, including webinars and newsletters. Form fills and CTA led us to track and optimize the performance of these campaigns.
  • TransFunnel ran social media campaigns and designed landing pages, which started to bring in increased traffic to the website. HubSpot features were being put to use efficiently to track sales and get new contacts and optimize the lead flow management.
  • Our team organically achieved the results and eight months later, we undertook the website revamp once we were certain of sufficient traffic and leads to sustain the business model and got down to enhancing marketing efforts for VTT.
  • With traffic, website and social media followers in place, TransFunnel focused on improving the lead conversion ratio. We built a content engine – brochures and pillar pages – to let users know about the expertise existing within the team to build brand trust.

What unfolded next?

  • Scaling to approximately 5,000 in just two months between December 2021 and February 2022, VTT saw an astounding increase in their web traffic by 1,100% in two years. (In 2019, the traffic to their website stood at 5,188. The following years – 2020 and 2021 – saw it rise to 16,815 and 54,273 respectively).
  • The blogs were able to attract 14% more visitors to the VTT website’s service pages.
  • The lead conversion went up by a whopping 1,666% -- from 3-5 leads a month to 50-55 leads every month.
  • The overall form fill also hiked to 765%. The numbers boomed from 70 in 2019 to 417 in 2020 and further to 536 in 2021.
  • The numbers for the marketing qualified leads (MQL) also accelerated to 473 in 2021 from 339 (2020) and 67 (2019).

I am absolutely thrilled with the impact TransFunnel has had on our business. The traffic to our website has increased enormously thanks to their brilliant work. The content strategy has delivered a huge increase in leads. With the right foundation now in place, we are well and truly in growth mode.

Marianne Joyce,

Marketing Director, VTT