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HubSpot Integration Services

We’re thrilled to announce that TransFunnel has earned the prestigious
HubSpot Accreditation for Platform Enablement - the highest HubSpot credential for driving user adoption through customised HubSpot trainings!

HubSpot Accreditations are the highest benchmark set by HubSpot. These are awarded to solutions partner organizations (not to individuals) that support the success of HubSpot customers at the highest levels of quality, service, and strategic insight.

“HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation” specifically is the honour bestowed exclusively upon the HubSpot certified partner who has consistently demonstrated the strategic experience and skills to drive user adoption by delivering customised HubSpot trainings and solutions for large enterprise customers and facilitated change management.

In addition to product specific knowledge, partner has to prove skills in providing operational guidance, data-driven decision making, training design and classroom management.

HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation

TransFunnel is thrilled to hold all the 3 highly honoured HubSpot Accreditations!

  • HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation

  • HubSpot CRM Implementation Accreditation

  • HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation

This means you can drive up your user adoption and value realisation from HubSpot by getting trained by: 

  • The First HubSpot Certified Trainer in India!

  • Now, also the exclusive HubSpot accredited partner for delivering customised training!

Along with, Kapil Arora (Our CEO & Founder), being the first HubSpot Certified Trainer in India, having earned the Hubspot Platform Enablement Accreditation has added a new feather to TransFunnel’s cap. This is a testament of our dedication, hard work and commitment to deliver extraordinary results for our clients and fortifies our position as a leader in the HubSpot Solution Partners community.

‘’We’re very proud of earning the exclusive “HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation” which is a testament of our capabilities to understand each customer’s unique challenges and pain points and delivering the training aligned with their needs. This proves our mettle in enabling teams leverage HubSpot platform effectively. We will continue to help the HubSpot Users in realizing maximum value from the platform and ease the processes for their teams, ensuring smooth and efficient adoption.”

~ Kapil Arora,

CEO and founder, TransFunnel Consulting

(Also, the First HubSpot Certified Trainer in India)

How did we earn HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation?

Not everyone who applies earns the accreditation. We had to rise to the challenge for this extensive accreditation designed to assess competencies in providing strategic and operational guidance, data-driven decision making, training design, classroom management, HubSpot onboarding, configuration and role-based team training.

We had to demonstrate our experience in change management & platform training. This required -

  • Rigorous HubSpot certifications
  • Documentation to show how we engaged with an enterprise client to drive user adoption and training for their teams
  • A 20-minute video to present training and enablement plan for a hypothetical client
  • Slide presentations and complete training decks designed
  • Quiz as part of the training process for the hypothetical client

The multi-phased rigorous process got us the credential that signifies we’re committed to growing and sharing our expertise within the HubSpot ecosystem.

customized hubspot trainings as per customer needs

This is a reflection of our team’s in-depth knowledge and expertise within the HubSpot platform, and of our proven expertise & experience in providing specially curated, customised HubSpot trainings, which are well-structured in-line with Bloom’s taxonomy to suit different learning styles and provide ample role-based leanings, which in turn ensure user adoption and maximum value realisation.

Looking to enable your team with HubSpot?

Whether you are a newbie to HubSpot or want to leverage HubSpot Solutions to their full potential,TransFunnel, with our highly skilled HubSpot experts, can help you setup the platform as per your unique business needs, drive user adoption the right way and enable your teams to handle HubSpot the way it should be - with specially curated, customized training content, strategic guidance and change management.