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Marketing Automation Platform Migration to HubSpot

80% of revenue leaders have seen improvements in CAC, bookings, and overall revenue after shifting to HubSpot. But, migrating to HubSpot can be challenging without expertise. That's where our HubSpot migration experts at TransFunnel come in. We optimise your data migration for maximum impact.

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    Efficient onboarding and quick returns

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    Enhanced data visibility and control

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    Get your historical data - No customer engagement should be lost

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    Improved communication, reporting, transparent processes

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    Data moved safely with maintained data integrity

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    Greater scalability and cost-efficiency.

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    Flexible pricing models

Sales Hub Onboarding







Salesforce to HubSpot migration

We seamlessly migrate your website from a convoluted platform to a user-friendly interface, aligning your sales, marketing, and service efforts

Zoho to HubSpot

We leverage API or manually import CSV files to migrate from Zoho to HubSpot. The API method is more comprehensive, while CSV imports have limitations with activities and associations.

Monday to HubSpot

Migrate from Monday to HubSpot for streamlined project and workflow management. Our experts can help you manage leads, contacts, and companies for seamless collaboration and growth from a unified hub.

Paramantra to HubSpot

Our experts will migrate your data from Paramantra to HubSpot using custom tools and integrations for seamless collaboration. Also, using Pardot WordPress plugin for contact and deals automation in single object without coding.

Pipedrive to HubSpot

We'll migrate your Pipedrive data to HubSpot using tools like Trujay or HubSpot's Data Sync integrations. Address data quality and mapping considerations during the migration process for a clean transfer.

Drupal to HubSpot

We can migrate your Drupal content and user data to HubSpot, paying close attention to custom fields and taxonomies by utilising plugins or custom scripts for a seamless transition.

WordPress to HubSpot

Automate content management without coding and experience seamless migration of your marketing assets, including landing pages, forms, and emails in one click with HubSpot.

Pardot to HubSpot

Our HubSpot experts adhere to best practices, including auditing templates, cleansing prospect data, and automating user touchpoints. With HubSpot data sync, you can guarantee real-time data sharing.

Magento to HubSpot

Enhance online sales from new customers and boost repeat sales from existing customers through CRM migration from Magento to HubSpot.

How we overcome HubSpot migration challenges

  • Regular Meetings With Our POC And Execution Team Clear understanding of project scope and use-cases in discovery phase
  • HubSpot Consulting Services - Reporting And Analytics Meticulous analysis of your legacy CRM to retain valuable custom CRM fields
  • HubSpot Consulting Services - Sales And Marketing GoalsCheck attachments - like sales playbooks, client notes, product overviews, and contracts for seamless migration.
  • HubSpot Consulting Services - Training On New HubSpot Tools And Features Validate migration with data sample to uncover any challenges early on
  • Phased Approach Phased approach for early wins
  • Process Stakeholders Transparency throughout the process for all stakeholders

Our HubSpot migration process

  • Receive database

    Our team of experts will gather and clean your data from your current CRM for seamless migration to HubSpot CRM.


  • Data audit and cleaning

    Scrutinise the data for inconsistencies, duplicates and inaccuracies. Cleanse and organise it before migration.


  • Map data and users

    Create a map between old and new data structures. Ensure user access rights align with the new system.


  • Data backup

    Safeguard your data by taking comprehensive backups. Our HubSpot migration experts ensure data backup before proceeding with the migration procedure.


  • Validation/ Pre-migration HubSpot testing

    Test the HubSpot environment with sample data. Identify any issues or gaps before the full migration.


  • Implement migration

    At this stage, we move your data from the old CRM to HubSpot systematically.


  • Post-migration CRM testing

    Validate the migrated data, functionality, and user experience. Address any post-migration glitches.


Why Transfunnel for HubSpot Migration?

  • As HubSpot Accredited, Elite Solutions Partner, rated among the top few partners worldwide, TransFunnel possesses validated expertise, specialized HubSpot knowledge and vast experience in migrating businesses from legacy CRMs to HubSpot.
  • With reliable HubSpot experts on your side, you get secure transfer of data to HubSpot, quickly and efficiently, in a cost-effective manner, with minimal disruption to your business.
  • Need migration services tailored to your needs? We can help with custom migration solutions.

Case Study

TransFunnel + HubSpot solutions played a pivotal role in helping Operabase achieve organic excellence, with a notable increase in new users recorded after implementation. Migrating to HubSpot has enabled Operabase to boost customer engagement, maximise referrals, and ensure a seamless migration journey.

We’re HubSpot accredited partners!

  • HubSpot Onboarding Accredited Partner - Transfunnel
    HubSpot Custom Integration Accredited Partner - Transfunnel
    HubSpot Platform Enablement Accredited Partner - Transfunnel
    HubSpot CRM Implementation Accredited Partner - Transfunnel

Are you ready for a hassle-free HubSpot CRM migration?