5 Major Changes that Make a Big Difference in Conversion Optimization
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5 Little Changes that Make a Big Difference with Conversion Optimization

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Nov 02, 2018

5 Major Changes that Make a Big Difference in Conversion Optimization

"The ideal scenario" - to get the highest possible conversion with the smallest possible investment in optimization. This is indeed the dream of many online businesses!

We have a recipe for making this dream a reality - the simple changes, (changes you wouldn't have even thought or considered to put in the 'simple' basket) can have a significant effect on conversions.

We do know from experience that identifying opportunities for optimization can be really difficult.

So, let us dig right in, to learn how and why small changes have a major impact on increasing conversion rates.

For any change to have an impact on conversion, it must first have an impact on the mind of the prospect.

For example, small changes will have a major impact when they are:

  1. Addressing a pain point or a mental barrier that stands in the way of the prospect helping him make the right decision on the landing page.
  2. Made strategically to a feature on the landing page
  3. Made strategically to a mission-critical element on the landing page

As another example, for addressing 'mental barrier' that is recognized from customer behavior.

Say, you are selling a book. Address this - "Is the book worth reading?"

Add, a social media proof in the form of expert testimonials from industry thought leaders who’ve read your book.

Place testimonials at the bottom of the 'control Landing Page' just below the CTA, or, place them higher on the page, so that they are easy to spot as soon as a visitor lands on the page.

1. If you are having a sales ebook for download, put testimonials like:

“A book like this could easily be sold for a lot of money. But Monica has elected to give it away. All I can say is WOW…. and get it today.”


“Some books only talk theory, but this backs up each idea with real data and analytics.”

These testimonials have to be from credible sources that directly address the question - whether the ebook is worth the read.

2. Tweaking a prominent feature makes a big impact

Changing the font color of the headline from, say orange to black increases downloads. Unbounce, with the same experiment, shows an increase in downloads by 6.64%.

Squint your eyes & stand back. Which features of the page stand out?

Here, orange to black, increased readability, by making it easier for prospects to understand the value of the offer right away. The headline is one of the most prominent elements on your landing page. A copy element, where you can be sure that 99% of your prospects will read. Naturally, has an impact on the decision-making process of your prospect. So we suggest, small headline tweaks to gain a measurable impact on conversion.

What is the 'Mission-critical element' of your landing page?

Pay more attention to that element on the landing page, that your prospects have to interact, to get to the next step in the conversion funnel.

The Call-to-action buttons. These crucial buttons are a tipping point between bounce and conversion! By tying each step in the conversion sequence, they play a decisive role in the conversion. It is because they have a direct impact on the decisions and actions of your prospects – regardless of what you’re asking them to do. It might be asking them to download a PDF, fill a form, buy your product, or just click through to another page.

Once your prospect has found a relevant offer, they click through the main CTA written by you. So, clicking the CTA is the main conversion goal.

According to 'Unbounce', Changing the button copy from “Order Information and Prices” to “Get information and Prices” increased conversions by 14.79%.

It works because - it completely changes the perceived value of clicking the button.'Order' points to - what I have to do. 'Get' points to - what I’ll gain. So by using the word 'get' you are conveying value to the user using CTA copy. So automatically, you will receive more clicks.

3. Choose high-quality product images

What do your customers want to see when they are shopping online and can’t touch the product or put it on?

The best thing you can do is to show as detailed an image as possible so that the customer knows exactly what they are getting.

We suggest using as high-quality images as possible. Also, keep in mind, how close you want customers to zoom into the image. Quality of your marketing and imagery will heavily influence the price someone is willing to pay

4. Adjust product prices

In case, you are selling products of a brand that a lot of other stores already have; inevitably, you have to price the product at a price below the average price in order to compete. Optimize your prices frequently to see what resonates with the that in mind of the customers.

5. Allow customers to check out as guests

Users like to checkout without signing up for an account, because forcing the user to register is just giving them another reason to leave your store. You will have their name and email address when they buy anyway.

These little changes do a great job at explaining why it is important for you to think through what you will do with your customer once you get them in. Driving the business is valuable, both in terms of monetary benefits, customer engagement, and interaction. It helps you build a brand – not just a flash sale.

Implement them, and let us know.