6 Key Factors to Boost Your Social Media Presence
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6 Key Factors To Improve & Boost Your Social Media Presence

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jun 09, 2022

Strong Social Media Strategy Key In Connecting With Audience

Social media presence has become sort of inescapable for people and businesses in this digital age. With its affordable, relevant and efficient way of growing businesses, social media branding has gained momentum to establish a brand with trust amongst its target audience.

Considering a digital presence is non-negotiable for businesses, especially post-Covid, it becomes even more critical for brands to emphasise more on what sets them apart. Moreover, having an expert run their communication agency and develop relevant content consistently, allows the brands to promote it on a more expansive scale.

Whether your brand presence is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, giving a boost to your social media presence is vital. Moreover, keeping your social media growth strategy updated with the market changes is even more essential to keep your business floating. 

Assisting your brand in the social media growth strategy, a few boosting tips can turn your lonely social media account into a popular community that attracts traction and converts leads.

Let’s dive into 6 Key Factors to grow and boost your social media presence as:

  1. Use the Right Tools
  2. Focus on Customer Service
  3. Promote Your Social Media Accounts
  4. Pay Attention to What’s Trending
  5. Focus on Eye-Catching Visuals
  6. Actively Engage with Your Audience

Let us look at the above points one by one:

1. Use the Right Tools

If your social media branding incorporates enhancing the presence on relevant platforms, then posting often and at optimal times is very important. However, brands do not have the time to consistently log in to the business accounts and post throughout the day. This is where the use of the right tools comes into play.

Using the right tools to stay active on platforms, where they will schedule your posts on different platforms is one of the social media marketing tips that every brand must follow. This will not only manage all your social media activities in advance but also ensure that you strategise and analyse your social media branding.

2. Focus on Customer Service

Focus on Customer Service

Social media is a popular platform for maintaining and improving customer service. Brands can use their social media growth strategy by using these social channels to provide information, listen to customer issues and solve their problems.

3 Ultimate Benefits of Social Media Marketing

So, instead of using phone calls, waiting hours or responding to emails, brands can use automated tools and platforms to focus on assisting people and expanding their client base. Channels such as Facebook chatbot, Linkedin messaging or Instagram open platforms can be used to interact with the customers, which will create a robust trust and resolve issues swiftly.

3. Promote Your Social Media Accounts

It is a known fact that your customers will not stock your brand on social media, no matter how much popularity you have gained. You will instead have to create an attractive and welcoming account, reach out to clients through promotional strategies such as running ads and make it easy for your potential clients to follow like your profiles on social media.

4. Pay Attention to What’s Trending

Pay Attention to What is Trending

Another vital social media branding tip to create an immense social media presence is to follow the trends and piggyback on the results. Trends have a reach that goes beyond any other brand strategy and it will help your profile in front of millions of social media users, who never before knew about your existence.

Brands can follow trends by using hashtags that are trending and hold relevance to your brand or create posts that revolve around the trending stories.

5. Focus on Eye-Catching Visuals

Focus on Eye-Catching Visuals

To make your social media account stand out in the huge pool of other brands, you must focus on eye-catching visuals. As you may also agree with that, whatever attention an eye catches will leave a long-lasting impact that cannot be replaced by any other strategy.

Whether it is a reel, a graphic, a long video or any visual things. However, make sure you cater completely to your audience with visuals that attract their attention for a long time.

6. Actively Engage with Your Audience

While you can create as many strategies as your social media branding permits, if you do not actively engage with your audience, then everything else goes to waste. Ensure you make full use of engaging opportunities on your social media community, respond to comments, resolve their issues and hold Q&A sessions to keep the engagement alive and running.

Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all about leveraging the reach of various social media channels for business benefit. An effective social media presence is all about engaging with your potential and existing customers in a one-on-one manner.

At TransFunnel, we identify the platforms that will help your business to reach at their best level. This requires a thorough understanding of your business, audience, buyer persona and also a successful track record of effectively using diverse social channels. Our social media marketers will deliver on all three, before envisioning a social media plan that is executed to perfection, delivers improved brand visibility, engagement and helps grow reputation.

We believe in employing our time on impactful social strategies that deliver productive returns. Moreover, we will not ask your brand to have a presence on all social media channels, except the ones that will help to boost your business presence. In fact, as part of your social media branding, we check all the boxes when it comes to a results-oriented social media plan.

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