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6 Reasons Why Your Website Is Your Digital Marketing Window

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Feb 07, 2019

Get the best 6 reasons why your website Is your digital marketing window

Developing a website may sometimes be a long or a long-pending task because you want to make sure it reflects exactly what your brand values are. But why is it important to build one in the first place? Here’s why - it is a lightning-fast tool to make sure your customers can click through the multiple options in a matter of seconds and get what they want! It’s a two-way street - the better user interface your website renders, the more frequently you get your customers. So, let’s dig into how your website may prove to be your best digital strategy!

It’s Your Shop Window

We all have seen shop windows of street stores that display the products sold by them. But how does a website make a difference to the business?? Well, imagine a street store with a single shop window and another one having multiple windows with all the products displayed. Which one would work better for a customer? You know the answer. A website works in the same manner - it lets your customers select from the range of products that you sell with just a few clicks and tadaa!! They have their favorite product in hand.

1. A Website Generates Leads

As we talk about online marketing, the first thing to keep up is your SEO game. It should be on point. Optimising your website to Search Engine Result Pages is the best way to top the list of search results. Use keyword-matching titles, meta-description, content, and subheadings, get on the list of top results, and let your customers see your website. There are also other ways to let prospects know about your brand, i.e., landing pages, ad campaigns, blogs, social media pages, etc. Once a prospect clicks on your landing page, reads the copy, and takes the desired action, you get a lead. These leads can be converted into customers as they browse through your website. Make sure you know your target audience and create the best website for what interests people to buy the most from you.

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2. Legit - Go!

Remember any incidents where you heard about a brand for the first time and your tech-savy mind quickly went online and searched for its website? Quite a few times, isn’t it? That’s why, for every prospect, in fact, every person who wants to know if your brand is legit, will go online to check your website! This is the reason why it’s important to get a website made as soon as you start your business. A neat, clean, and attractive website with information about your brand and brand products helps a prospect build trust in you and eventually buy what you’re selling.

3. A Great Marketing Tool

No matter how prospects land on your webpage, only a well-crafted website can convert them into customers! So, besides your landing pages, blogs, and ad campaigns, your website should also be enticing enough to grab a viewer’s attention to invest time and money in you. It’s important to have high-quality images or videos uploaded on your webpage along with a professional look to it in order to make sure your customers don’t think it’s a scam!

4. Your Digital Presence as a Gateway of Interaction

Your website is probably the best representation of who you are. For those of you who have thoughts like “I don’t really need a website till I reach X,Y,Z worth of profit”, “Maybe I can wait for another two years”, etc; your prospects don’t know everything about you. So, if they don’t know that you exist in the first place, they won’t be able to do any business with you. A website acts as a tool for your digital presence and a gateway of interaction, giving the prospects a chance to get to know you and your products and services better. It is essentially the face of the company which helps attracting more and more organic to-be-customers. Won’t you want that?

5. Show off that Fantastic Culture

How do usually people find you if they want to work with you? Through a website, right? So, even if someone was interested in you and already had some information about what you do or sell, they might also want to know the company culture before they express interest in working with you. It’s no more the world of hiding behind a logo, people openly want to know who they are working for, where they are putting their time and effort, and who is shaping their future. And company culture is something that lands a great hand in making it easy for them and in helping you hire the best candidates who are not just interested in making a living, but also invested in taking that culture further.

6. Yes! Your Best Digital Strategy

Creating a good website is the best strategy you can have to expand your business digitally. Not only it helps grow business but also saves a lot of time - both yours and your customers’. The important thing to remember is to be enticing, entertaining, honest, credible, and most importantly, optimised to search engines.

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