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8 tips to make the right recruitment choice in 2022

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Dec 31, 2021

How to attract the right candidate?

With advancement in technology, there also seems to be evolving recruitment strategies in organisations. Many a time, recruiters only give importance to candidates’ skills and qualifications while they plan a recruiting technique. While skills are key in selecting a prospective employee, there are at least eight more factors recruiters must keep in mind before zeroing in on the right candidate. These 8 factors are vital because every candidate represents an organisation and as a recruiter you must be doubly sure of the decision. 

Here are 8 tips to make the right recruitment choice: 

Cultural fit

Did you know that organizational culture plays a significant role in a candidate’s professional life? A study from global staffing firm Robert Half reveals that an employee can even resign from a perfect job if the organisation is not culturally in sync with his/her values. Every organisation follows a culture, whether good or bad depends on an individual’s understanding. You don't want your candidate to be termed as a cultural misfit. Who you are as a company should be integrated into the recruitment strategy. Identifying this and conveying the same in your job postings will help attract someone who believes in an equivalent value that you as an organisation share. Incorporating questions in the interview to bring out key characteristics and personality traits from the interviewee that your organisation strongly believes in gives you a better understanding of the person. 

Job descriptions that stand out

With the countless number of job openings and descriptions, a candidate will have too many options. And this is why it is important that your job description stands out and excites a candidate. Don’t commit the mistake of just creating a long wishlist of desired skills and qualifications. These are important, but include descriptions to show what sets you apart from other organisations. While planning a recruiting technique, tell candidates the unique things you offer and why they should apply for a particular position with your company. 

Organized interview process

As an organisation, your interview process, which is part of the recruitment strategy, should help you discover the experience and overall personality of a prospective candidate. As an interviewee you must spare quality time to ensure you are asking the right questions to gauge how fit the candidate is for the position. The questions must be a mix of actions, ideals and pretensions.

The interview process must be a valuable experience not just for the organisation, but also for the candidate. It is a two-way process and if you do not participate in any information sharing, then you are not doing justice to the interview. It always helps to leave a positive impression on an interview process as candidates tend to share their interview experience with others and this can make or break your reputation as an organisation. Setting the interview process in order can help avoid communication issues, especially if a candidate is applying for multiple positions.

Social media

Organisations know that social media is where they can target millennials and that is why social media recruiting should be a part of your recruitment strategy. It simply means that an organisation is trying to find a suitable candidate for a particular position. Brands like Apple, Uber and Zappos have successfully found candidates in this fashion. Ensure that you make a presence on social media to align with the values that your organisation believes in and follows. 

Invest in applicant tracking system

Time is precious for all. Try saving time and money by investing in an applicant tracking system. What does it do? An applicant tracking system (or ATS) is a software tool that automates the process of posting jobs and picking the right talent. An ATS helps in one-click job posting to multiple sites, applicant sorting and interview scheduling. With plenty of options available, be sure to do your research and find the best ATS that fits your company’s budget and size to create a perfect recruitment strategy.

Explore niche job boards

Niche job boards help in filtering out options amidst the numerous large job sites. These are lower job spots that are dedicated to just a particular type of profile and frequently have a community of job candidates. Niche job boards cover everything from retail assistance to construction and Information Technology. Ensure you take a glance at these niche job boards as part of your recruiting technique. 

Campus recruitment

Campus recruitments can help you discover forthcoming candidates to assist you at the basic level while also aligning with your company’s current openings. These placements also give the newbies an exposure into the professional world they may have never entered before. 

Spot passive candidates and let them know you want them

Passive candidates should be compulsorily included in your recruitment strategy or technique. How do you define passive candidates? They are people who are presently employed but are not eagerly looking out for a job switch. Reaching out to them will show that they are fit for the candidature and if they oblige you have the advantage of interviewing an experienced candidate. Using social media and connections will help you identify these passive candidates.

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