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How To Get Started With Laravel 

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TransFunnel Consulting Jan 19, 2023

Use Pre-defined Features Of Laravel Library To Create Web Applications

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source multi-platform PHP framework for creating web applications. It allows developers to take advantage of a large library of pre-programmed features (such as authentication, routing and HTML templating), which quickly simplifies the creation of robust web applications while minimising the amount of coding required.

Laravel provides a highly functional development environment as well as an intuitive and expressive command line interface. Thanks to Laravel's modular packaging system and powerful dependency management, developers can also add functionality to their applications. In addition, Laravel uses Object Relational Mapping (ORM) for easier access and manipulation of data. 

As a server-side framework, Laravel allows you to build applications with predefined architectures, custom backend logic, web portals, templates and fully-stacked applications and manage SaaS products.

Why PHP Stands Out from Other Programming Languages?

Why Should Developers Choose Laravel For Web Application Development?

Laravel provides a number of powerful tools that make the web application development process easier and faster. The final application code base is well-structured and easy to maintain. 

Some of the most useful advantages of Laravel are:

  1. Learning Laravel is relatively easy with the right background. Using Laravel effectively requires a general understanding of PHP and object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts. Knowing at least a little bit of HTML is also helpful.
  2. Laravel has a wide range of online documentation, which is a good starting point for experienced developers. There are also extensive online learning resources are available to upgrade your skill according to levels.
  3. Laravel is designed to simplify tasks common to a variety of web development projects, such as routing, authentication, migrations and caching. Laravel makes it easy to integrate pre-built modules into your application using its intuitive and expressive command line interface and Composer.
  4. Laravel is very scalable. With built-in support for fast distributed caching systems, Laravel applications are capable of handling millions of requests per month. Laravel also offers a serverless deployment platform, Vapor, based on AWS and offers a high level of scalability.
  5. Laravel has a great ecosystem supported by a large community of developers. Since Laravel is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks, the library of Laravel programs and packages available is considerable. Both official Laravel packages and third-party packages are readily available.
  6. Laravel includes a number of security features, including user authentication, user role authorisation, email verification, encryption services, password hashing and password reset capabilities.
  7. Laravel uses migrations to provide application database version control. Migrations track how your database has changed over time, making it easy to discard or rebuild your database if necessary.
  8. Regarding the default Laravel program test, it provides a single test for the program, which includes experiences that detect and prevent regression in the frame. 

What Laravel Was In 2022

The current version of Laravel is version 9, which was first released in February 2022. This version includes many new features and improvements. New features include Laravel JetStreams, job batching (lets you run a variety of jobs and then perform defined actions), Dynamic Blade Components (lets you render runtime components based on runtime values) and Tailwind CSS uses. The speed limiting and maintenance modes have also been improved.

Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2023

Laravel Best PHP Framework

Laravel is considered one of the best PHP frameworks for 2023 for several reasons that are listed below:

1. Laravel's clean syntax makes it easy for developers to read and write code with ease.

2. It comes with a built-in command-line interface (CLI) called Artisan, which allows developers to perform common tasks such as creating controllers and migrations.

3. Laravel's Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) makes it easy to interact with databases and it supports multiple database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

4. Laravel has built-in support for authentication and authorisation, making it easy to secure web applications.

5. It has a large and active community, which means that developers can find solutions to common problems and get help quickly.

6. It has built-in support for popular front-end libraries and frameworks such as Vue.js, React and Angular.

7. Laravel's built-in task scheduler can help you to schedule your repetitive tasks such as emailers and more.

8. Laravel's built-in testing tools, such as PHPUnit and Dusk, make automated tests easy for web applications.

9. In terms of storage, Laravel employs Amazon S3 and local storage to keep files in a distributed system. You can easily fetch and retrieve data from cloud storage.

Laravel Trends 2023

Laravel Trends

  •  Improve user-interface
  • Multiple device integrations
  • Blockchain innovation
  • PHP web development with IoT
  • Laracasts for building Laravel websites 
  • Improve customer service with AI chatbots
  • Cloud Integration
  • Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Development of Applications Quickly
  • Automated testing


Aspiring developers who want to start developing web applications should consider learning Laravel. Laravel provides a wide and powerful resource rate that simplifies the development process by eliminating the need to code many common tasks from scratch. Laravel also provides a secure virtual development environment and an intuitive command-line interface. As Laravel is easy to learn and has a strong support community and ecosystem, it is a natural choice for many developers, whether they are beginners or experts with years of experience.

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