3 Tips on How to Design the Best Inbound Marketing Strategy
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How to design the right inbound marketing strategy

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TransFunnel Consulting Jan 21, 2022

3 Inbound Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind in 2022

Being the ever-dynamic field marketing is, what works today might not work tomorrow. Most importantly, what worked last year might not work in 2022. With search engine algorithms and human algorithms changing and adapting rapidly, it's time your inbound marketing strategy efforts synced up to that. Following are the 5 tips to keep in mind in 2022:

Creating quality content is not enough:

While you are encouraging your content teams to push more quality content out, it is not enough - the internet is filled with them. As part of a successful inbound marketing strategy, a content piece once published should be distributed and repurposed as much as possible. Got a good quality blog? Make an ebook out of it, promote it on email & social media - create carousels & infographics, how-to guides, create slides, downloadables and publish it on content-sharing websites.

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Video-based marketing:

While you may have heard of it quite often, there is quite less that you’re doing about it. Video continues to be the most popular form of content consumption by your audience and the most sought after medium of inbound marketing strategy. Create short consumable videos and ensure they are getting distributed (read point 1) all across. Videos can range from client testimonials, product demo, feature demos to even product launches or in-office events. These videos can be further used for brand awareness (via ads & socials), on your websites & blogs, in emails and so on. Fun fact: Adding a video in your emails can increase your CTR by 96%

Create a free tool:

This can be a complete game-changer for your inbound marketing strategy. No matter what industry you serve in, a free tool for your audience can do wonders if done right. If you’re in the supply chain industry, try creating an ROI calculator, if you’re in SaaS, try creating a cost calculator, or basically anything that you know your users would want to know. Amongst endless benefits, some include - more returning users, user stickiness, more time spent on the website (all contributing to a higher SEO score), brand remembrance, quality backlinks and higher traffic.

Rapidly adapting to the changing marketing landscape is the key to succeed in inbound marketing. To conclude, for 2022, effective content distribution, capitalizing on video-based marketing and creating a new tool can help you gain unprecedented growth.

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