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Impress Your Clientele by Telling Them What You Can Do for Them

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TransFunnel Consulting Mar 30, 2022

Readymade proposal for ASO optimisation

What is App Store Optimisation (ASO)? Ever wondered how your app will stand out amid the umpteen apps in the app store? That’s why ASO strategy and ASO optimisation. It helps in increasing the visibility of an app and its conversion rate.

Given below is a readymade proposal you can show your clients if they are looking for ASO optimisation or strategy. Here’s an ASO strategy/checklist that one must always remember to tick off the list. 

1. App Keywords Research

2. Optimise your App's Title and Subtitle

3. Optimise your App's Description

4. High-Quality Screenshots

5. Preview Video

6. Right Category

7. Focus on Icon Design

8. Encourage Reviews and Ratings

9. Build Backlinks

10. Paid App Advertising

11. App Store Analytics Set-Up

12. Work To Maximise Downloads

13. App Updates

14. App URL Suggestion

15. Regular Optimization and suggestions


1. App keywords research for Apple and Google store

What we will do: We will search for high traffic volume keywords. 

Why Keyword Research Is The Most Important Task In SEO Strategy?

2. Optimise your app's title and subtitle

What we will do: We will optimise titles that can improve your ASO in post. Including a keyword or two in your app’s title can help you rank at least 30% higher. 

3. Optimise your app's description for Apple and Google store 

What we will do: We will write relevant descriptions to climb the visibility ladder and encourage more people to download it. 

4. High quality screenshots

What we will do: People only spend seven seconds to decide if they’re going to download an app or not, so high quality app store screenshots are going to make a huge difference. 

5. Preview video

What we will do: As many as 85% of the US and 70% of the Indian audience watch videos online and over half of the video content is consumed on mobile. We will create a good quality video and insert them in the app preview section. 

6. Right category

What we will do: App category can make a world of a difference when it comes to properly promoting your solution or game in the Apple App and Google Play stores, so we will target the best category suited for your business. 

7. Focus on icon design

What we will do: Icon design should be related to your business, should define your business, be engaging and eye-catching. As the icon must already have been designed, we must now focus on promoting it. 

8. Encourage reviews and ratings

What we will do: The number of ratings and their score affect your positioning in the search results in ASO, so try to connect with people who download the app and convince them to publish a review. We suggest adding the keywords in the review so that it affects the ranking positively. 

9. Build backlinks

What we will do: We will create backlinks for Apple app and Google app store to get rankings organically.

10. Paid app advertising

What we will do: To get an instant rank on the app store and for branding purposes, we have to create the ads.

11. App store analytics set-up

What we will do: To measure the traffic we will set up the analytics with the analytics tools. From this we will get the keyword positioning on Google, geographic locations and the downloads. 

12. Work to maximise downloads

What we will do: We try to push the backlinks and paid work on reputed social sites where many people will throng and if they like it, then they will download it. For this, we will write relevant meta. 

13. App updates

What we will do: On a monthly and quarterly basis, the app will be updated with new features. We must incorporate changes on the lines of our competitors. In case of a query from users, we must try to solve them. This is where re-evaluation comes into the picture.

14. App URL suggestion

What we will do: We will create the url so as to attract the user to the app in a single click. 

15. Regular optimisation 

What we will do: We can recommend new suggestions for traffic generation.


In a world of so many apps and users, it is important that you undertake ASO optimisation with a clear cut ASO strategy in order to up your game. 

Looking to increase your app visibility? We can help you


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