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Team manager or leader: Who makes a difference?

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Dec 29, 2021

Leading and managing are vital for businesses

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things - says author Peter Drucker in his work Essential Drucker. 

While there is a difference between managers and leaders, both are used in the same context. You may argue that managers and leaders are the same, but think again. They possess different skills and sets of regulations, which distinguish them from one another. 

Lets us quickly explore the differences between a manager and leader:


A manager is someone who supervises the team working under him or her. Managers often handle the administration side of an organisation and ask their subordinates to follow a set pattern. They streamline a set of tasks that is already in place and concentrate on execution. Managers have the authority to force people to work efficiently by giving either positive or negative reviews.

On the other hand, a leader is somebody who people admire and follow. Leaders believe in new ideas and come up with new solutions for the organization’s problem points. Leadership is something that is an imbibed quality. One cannot study to become a leader. Leaders have it in them to influence people and if need be to even manipulate their circle to do what they are rooting for. It's because they have the quality to convince those around them. 


A manager is answerable to the organisation for all the right and wrong things he/she does. While leaders play the role of torchbearers for an organisation, managers execute the decisions taken by the former by showing employees the right path. Managers are always committed to fulfil the goals set by leaders efficiently and productively with the help of other employees of an organisation. 

A leader inspires others to work efficiently and can show the right way forward. He/she can show people the direction to an aspired path. Leaders are visionaries and foresee things that others cannot even fathom. Leaders are risk-takers. They always take the plunge into the unknown. They always attempt to explore their ideas and mentality in other sectors in order to enrich their mindsets and help their businesses boom in the market. 


Though managers and leaders are different, they must still possess some common features like:  

Both managers and leaders must be interactive and communicative.

They should be problem solvers.

Both should have the power to maintain the decorum during a management crisis. 


Becoming a good leader is primarily an introspective process; learning to think and then behave differently. It's about being yourself as a trendsetter, and then behaving in ways in which others see you as the same. 

Becoming a good manager is primarily about developing your skills; creating habits of speech, organization, and interaction that lets people that work for you to be best availed and best focused on achieving the company’s goals in a fast-changing environment.

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