Boost your salesmanship with these expert tips
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Tips to count on to boost your salesmanship

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Sep 29, 2021

Be an expert sales professional with these salesy tips

The term sales gives people an ambiguous perspective. For a buyer, it is about buying the best product or service from a seller, while for a seller it is about reaping profits by selling his product or service at a better price than his competitors. 

Sales is a motor of any company running for profits. It brings customers, who in turn, help in revenue generation, it helps companies grow and achieve organizational goals. 

Like global customer growth evangelist Tiffani Bova rightly says, “How you sell matters. What your process is matters. But how your customers feel when they engage with you matters more.” Making customers or prospective clients comfortable and secure while you solve their business problems as a salesperson plays a vital role in any professional relationship. We list a few points to remember while dealing with customers from a creative salesmanship point of view. 

No one rule for salesmanship

There is no one rule to up your salesmanship for a booming business. Many established sales professionals have different giveaways to up your skill. This takes experience, but also a little bit of street smartness and an enterprising endeavour. A salesperson’s skill set amongst internal factors and inter-departmental efficiency adds to sales effectiveness to a great extent.

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Reading makes you smarter

Salespersons are the face of any organization. It is binding on them to be knowledgeable about the industry they work in, their competitors, market behavior, and products. Reading helps them remain updated about the changes in business, which can either be an opportunity for them or their competitors. A sales process begins with prospecting. One must learn about the latest news in the market regarding funding, mergers, partnerships, product launches, and more. Investing money in books about sales and business development is recommended for salespersons. Reading not only helps you, but also your organization.

A ‘call’ to action

It is advisable to be well prepared for a sales call. Your homework shows in the client meeting and they will always realize your efforts and how important the deal is for you. The first impression is mostly the last impression. The way a salesperson responds to the first call with a customer will either make the deal or break it. 

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Diversify the point of contacts

As a salesperson, it is suggested to be social in nature. Diversify your contacts and network with more people from the same company you deal with. This helps in having more than one point of contact in case another falls through. 

Be responsive

There is no specific time when a client may suddenly feel that your services and products are no good. A client always prefers a quick response. Act quickly to fix the glitch and give them the confidence that you are reliable and can personalize the services accordingly. Make sure you hand over an alternate point of contact in case you are not available.

Leverage feedback

Feedback taken from a client will always help you understand what can be done to increase the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). Many a time, a customer may not be in a position to address the pain points of your services, but if given a platform, they may be able to share the same. It is important to take feedback from every interaction or deal.

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