Why Chatbots are the Ultimate Add-on for your Lead Generation Strategy?
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Why Chatbots are the Ultimate Add-on for your Lead Generation Strategy!

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TransFunnel Consulting Jan 06, 2020

Lead generation campaigns and instant messaging Chatbots are the perfect duos for acquiring more leads for your business. Chatbots have become one of the most powerful weapons for every marketer. Because let’s be honest, generating leads is one of the most important KPI of every marketer. 

It is proven that adding a live chat Chatbot can score up to 92 percent on customer satisfaction. Think about what a Chatbot can do? A chatbot can foster the prospect coming from the already running marketing campaign, without adding a new landing page or a copy. Not only that, but it also helps you understand your prospects better, segmenting your audience and thus providing you with a chance to educate yourself and your marketing teams accordingly. 

Read further and know how you can get more leads adding Chatbots to your strategy!

Why Instant Messaging Chatbots are a must in your Lead Gen Strategy?

With the outburst of smartphones over the few years,  Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, etc. has become the main levers to create a better relationship between businesses and consumers. 
The mantra is “be where your consumers are”, and almost every company follows the same logic.

However, creating a one-to-one communication channel, after reaching a certain volume is extremely expensive and nearly impossible. This is where the Chatbots come in handy.

So how can Chatbots help?

1. They help you Understand Your Audience Better

It is sometimes hard to find a suitable gift for a person you barely know; however, it is a lot easier when you know the person well. Likewise, selling products can be difficult if you are not aware of the customer’s likes and dislikes. Chatbots make it easier to understand your customers, help you identify their interests, likes, and dislikes. This will help create more engagement,  resulting in more leads.

You can also run a survey with the help of Chatbots by asking questions when users engage with it. Thus, you get a better view of the best and least performing products. More importantly, a Chatbot can effectively navigate your users to the products they are looking for. Eventually, adding more revenue.

2.  Segmenting your Audience more Effectively

Segmentation is very important for a successful lead generation campaign. It is like the secret sauce that lets a marketer develop the right content for prospects. The right content at the right time helps a marketer move the leads further into the funnel.

Your Chatbots can segment your users based on the answers they have provided. It considers factors such as demographics, age, interests, gender, occupation, etc. segmenting your audience according to their needs, will help generate more qualified leads.

Also, over time you can create certain answers based on the fragmented results, so whenever your users are looking for particular answers, you can be prompt with it. 

3. Helps Build Relationships

A Chatbot initiates engagement by providing instant help and always being available to your users, building trust between the user and the brand. With this, the users can consider your brand to be reliable.

Trust is the very foundation of any relationship. A Chatbot builds trust by engaging users into the regular talk. The whole process is very beneficial for lead generation.
People do not hesitate to ask any questions to Chatbots, as they are not self-assertive and always take care of the user’s preferences. You can even run basic customer support using Chatbots. 

Many leading companies like Amazon use Chatbots as their primary customer support. Users can ask questions relating to the shopping experience or products, and the bots provide a suitable answer instantly. 

4. Eliminating Old-Fashioned Contact Forms

Website forms are tedious, filling out questionnaires about users' queries and credentials is neither exciting nor engaging. Chatbots can adequately replace forms; this is a super-effective way to generate leads. 

Bots can ask for users’ details within the conversation. It also lessens the friction and simplifies the data collection process for you. Build a Chatbot that brings out information like users name, address, email, phone, etc. Customers find it easier to reply rather than filling restricted forms.

5. Educating users about your Products/Services

Educating your users is an essential part of any lead generation strategy. Without the knowledge of your products, none would buy. This is where Chatbots come in handy. Many leading organisations Sephora, Spotify, etc added Chatbots that tell their audience about the products and services they focus on. It helps customers to make informed decisions. 

Integrating your bots with CRM can help you amalgamate the data of every subscriber, thus making your lead management system more free-flowing. 

Now that we are aware of why Chatbots are necessary, here are 6 tips to enhance lead generation via Chatbots

Here are six tips or to-do’s for  you to boost your lead generation with Chatbots

1. Create a Pre-Chat Survey

A pre-chat survey is an exclusive feature that you can add to your Chatbots to ask questions to your visitors. The feature helps you conduct surveys automatically before the visitor starts a conversion. Typically in this survey, you can ask basic information like names, email ID, phone number, company name, etc. 

A pre-chat survey eliminates the efforts of getting information from your visitors. Regardless of how the conversion goes with the Chatbots, you’ll always end up with visitor's contact information which you can use this later for marketing and sales promotions. Always remember to ask the right question that will help you create a database. And remember not to ask too many questions, stick to 3-4 questions and more.

2. Welcome New Visitors

The best way to start a conversation is with greetings, whenever a new visitor or returning visitor comes to the landing page, you can create a bot that greets them customized for every landing page. Welcoming visitors will create possible outcomes such as a new sale or building relationships with prospects. Also as we discussed in the previous point, it can get the basic information from the visitors. 

3. Engage Users when they want to Bounce Back

Chatbots engage users who try to leave the website or shopping cart without purchasing. I am sure you might have seen on eCommerce sites, where the bot gently reminds you that “your cart is empty” or “your favorite product is waiting in the cart”. In such situations, the bots can also initiate a conversation addressing customers’ issues. Also sometimes, users fill out the contact form but for some reason forget to submit it. At that moment chatbots can engage users and encourage them to fill out the form.  

4. Collect Leads When you are Offline

Your website is not offline when you are. Your lead generation campaign is always on with your website. Your potential customer can visit your page when you’re away. This is when Chatbots come to rescue. Chatbots can take care of the prospects and collect all the necessary information along with the prospects' inquiry. 

This way your potential customer is not left waiting for information but they are attended to and are ensured that the concerned person will contact them as soon as possible. 

5. Engage visitors with specific URL

Your Chatbots can engage users with a specific URL. Say your visitor is looking at a particular product. Your bot can start a conversation regarding that product, providing additional information. According to current statistics of chatbot usage, 70 percent of millennials report positive chatbot experience.   

6. Take them to Social media platforms

Lastly, your Chatbots can encourage your visitors to visit your social media platforms. Therefore, if they haven’t made any purchase, they still can be connected through social media platforms.  


Chatbot integration can engage prospects, and you cannot deny the possibility of maximizing revenue. Chatbots help you create a conversational website that converts your website traffic into qualified leads.

According to Business Insider, 80% of the companies will add Chatbots 2020. Why should you be left behind? Add a Chatbot to your landing page today and be the part of a better lead generation strategy. 





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