15 Quickest Ways To Rank #1 In YouTube Results
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YouTube SEO Tips: The Quickest Way To Rank #1 In YouTube Results

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TransFunnel Consulting Oct 19, 2021

How To Rank Higher On YouTube Search With SEO Tips?

According to the latest Statista report 2023, over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube per month. However, technically it is considered the second biggest search engine on the internet after Google. 

You probably know about Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but YouTube also acts as an SEO. YouTube SEO is a strategy that optimises videos on YouTube channels to keep the top positions in search results. It is essential to maximise your track on this video platform.   

15 YouTube SEO techniques that help you rank your video on your YouTube channel. 

1. Keyword Research To Improve YouTube SEO

Like Google SEO, keywords are also significant for YouTube SEO. Because of the keywords, YouTube crawls your video content subject, indexes it and then shows it to the user's according to their search preferences. However, you should pick the relevant keyword for your video so that YouTube can get information about your video content and use it to rank your video.  Additionally, your channel appear at the top of the search results and the monthly search volume of your videos will be good. 

2. Optimise Your Video Title

Following keyword research, the next that comes in a line of YouTube SEO is the video Title. Your title must be eye-catching, reflecting the video theme and incorporating the keyword user search. So, it will help you to engage people and make them eager to click on your YouTube video. 

3. Optimise Your YouTube Tags

Tags are an essential factor for ranking videos on YouTube. Through tags, YouTube can understand the subject of your video and index it correctly. By inserting a video related appropriate tag, there is also a possibility of attracting traffic to your video. 

4. Create An Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Thumbnails are an essential source for YouTube SEO strategy. The subject of the video is guessed with the thumbnail. People get attracted by the thumbnail and click on your video.  

5. Add Closed Caption

Adding a perfect caption to your video is one of the significant factors in YouTube’s SEO strategy. YouTube's algorithm can't read your videos just via code and text. That's why it's essential to include a caption with your video, which shows the video's subject. The caption is also a source through which YouTube understands the subject of your video and indexes it. 

6. Start Your Description With Your Focus Keyword

The description also comes under the YouTube SEO strategy. It would be best if you wrote an excellent illustration for your video that describes the video's story and people are interested in reading it as well. It also helps if you always start the video description with your focus keyword so that your YouTube videos can get the top ranking. 

7. Increase Your Watch Time

The duration of your YouTube videos should be from 10 minutes to 42 minutes based on the theme of the video. If the video is too short, then it will not be able to engage users. However, it would be best if you increased the watch time of your videos according to the subjects. 

8. Add Some Suspense Element To Improve YouTube SEO

You must add some suspense element to your videos that will compel the viewers to click on your videos. This is necessary to improve YouTube SEO. 

For more search engine optimisation tips read our blogs on SEO.

9. Create YouTube Playlists

You will need to create a perfect playlist of your YouTube videos and that playlist should be based on keyword-rich playlists for YouTube SEO. 

10. Add Cards And End Screens

Adding cards and ending screens and using them are essential for developing a result-driven YouTube SEO strategy.  

11. Ask People To Leave Comments

At the end of each of your videos, you must ask your audience to leave a like and comment for the video to motivate you. 

12. Encourage People To Subscribe

In the videos, you must encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. This is also important for YouTube SEO. 

13. Build Links To Your YouTube Channel, Not Just Your Videos

Along with YouTube videos, you also need to create a link to your YouTube channel and request people to share your videos as well as channel links. 

14. Share On Social Media

You must share your videos on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and other video sharing websites with high Domain Authority. It's also an SEO tips or technique to rank your YouTube channel.

15. Embed Your Video For Better YouTube SEO

For an effective SEO, you must embed your YouTube videos. I recommend blog posts for this. You can create a website and upload your videos along with the text. Blog posts are also necessary for promoting YouTube SEO.   

By following all the YouTube SEO tips and strategies carefully, your YouTube channel will have the scope of ranking sooner. 

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Rank your YouTube Videos with our best SEO practices.


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