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SEO Specialist



Work Experience

5 years

Job Title

SEO Specialist


  • The SEO Head Spearheads all activities of the SEO department and is in direct supervision of the SEO Managers and supporting personnel.
  • He\She is accountable for the performance of the content optimized through the initiatives of the SEO department and also sets quarterly and yearly performance targets and ensures that all content campaigns are ran within the given budgets and deadlines.
  • He\She is tasked with determining the strategic direction of content campaigns for the business, and ensures that these strategies are in line with the business’s overall goals and objectives in order to attract the anticipated social value.
  • Plays the role of reviewing the business’s content on a regular basis in an attempt to identify opportunities, points of improvement, and creative solutions for the business’s SEO programs.
  • Also works closely with the Content Editing and Content Marketing departments along with junior SEO personnel in tailoring optimized content for the business both in online and offline programs. He\She also collaborates with third party influencers, for example, journalists, in order to drive link building opportunities for the business.
  • He\She conducts relevant SEO research on the business’s content and takes a data-driven approach in the creation of audience profiles that in turn form the basis of SEO strategies.
  • The Head of SEO employs the use of several SEO related tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster in identifying trends, issues, and opportunities in the business’s sites, blogs, and pages and to further ensure that they are optimized to drive higher rankings. On top of this, he\she also takes charge of conducting SEO audits, development of Google algorithms, and even sometimes engages in the measurement of the effectiveness of PPC activity by applying relevant monitoring tools.


  • Candidate for this position must possess a master’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Information Technology, Computer Science, An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable.
  • The candidate must have a proven and successful track record of 5 years in the designing and delivery of SEO plans and strategies in fast paced businesses, preferably performing the functions of the Senior SEO Manager.
  • The Candidate must have a proven ability to take responsibility and sensibly account for a team’s performance. As a bonus, the He\she will also have experience in influencer marketing and have a passion for all things social in the business’s market field.
  • He\She should portray great analytical skills and is able to draw insight from raw information and data acquired through field research. He will have the ability to analyze this data for the purpose of determining SEO strategies, approaches, and content planning.
  • Must also be extremely proficient in content management systems, for example, WordPress. He must also be proficient in web analytics softwares and platforms such as Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Omniture, Moz, Majestic, Webmaster, SEMRush, Omniture, Screaming Frog, etc
  • Candidate for this position will not only demonstrate great understanding of SEO but also of various digital marketing channels, for example, PR, web development, content creation, social media, on-site usability, off-site optimization, among others. In addition to this, the Head of SEO will show superior proficiency in HTML, CSS and other valuable media technologies. He will also be proficient in scripting languages such as .php etc.
  • Must have excellent communication skills both in verbal and written form.

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