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Non-Profit Trust Easy & DIY

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Non-Profit Trust  Easy & DIY
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Non-Profit Trust Easy & DIY


Do you want to create a website for charity, donation or any social cause? For NGO, charitable organisation or an org working for climate change / wild life/ environment protection/ animal welfare.

TransFunnel’s NonProfit Trust theme is your go-to theme for setting up your brand presence. The Easy, DIY theme is 100% customisable!

Designed by TRANSFUNNEL Consulting, HubSpot's trusted ELITE PARTNER.


  • Pre-designed attractive templates : 19
  • All modules you may need : 22
  • Sections: 15
  • Home Page
  • Modern & responsive design
  • Reusable Sections
  • Powerful Theme Settings
  • Ready-to-use!
  • No coding required
  • 100% drag & drop functionality
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Speed & performance optimized
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Free premium Support
  • Easy-to-read online documentation
  • Transfunnel Happiness Assurance

Want more?

  • Setup your branding and global content in minutes
  • Take help from FREE STYLE GUIDE included in the pack
  • Theme, so easy to use, that even non technical users happily work by themselves

And with these pre-designed Reusable sections:

  • Ongoing Donation Drives Panel
  • Panel for making the Donation
  • Causes section to highlight causes org is working for
  • Events Organised listing
  • Upcoming events listing
  • Event Details section
  • Registration as Sponsor, Volunteer or Donor for drives
  • Beautiful Image Gallery with images and videos
  • Reviews from previous donors and volunteers
  • Testimonials section
  • Sponsors listing
  • Volunteer listing
  • Volunteer details section
  • Video and Content section
  • Multiple column content section
  • Different sponsoring plans section with prices for them
  • Blog listing
  • Blog detail pages
  • Hearo Banner , Hero Banner with Slider
  • Form
  • Achievements section with Counter
  • Logo Strip to showcase awards or causes catered to
  • Contact Us section
  • About us
  • Social Media follow options included
  • Popup - image, video
  • Vertical Tabs Modules
  • Horizontal Tabs module and so much more
  1. Modern HubSpot Page Editor
  2. No coding required; just simple selection and drag-and-drop.
  3. Easy Customization options
  4. A very well-organized options panel provides settings for colors, typography, forms, background color, borders, and text if you want to play around with Theme Options.
  5. Easy-to-read documentation
  6. Detailed documentation to assist you in all possible ways

And HIGHLIGHTS of our theme

1. Homepage with Image Slider

2. Donation Sections:

  • For ongoing donation drives with their current progress
  • For upcoming drives
  • Donation Forms to make the donation

3. Register as volunteer section for various causes

4. Register as sponsor section for upcoming drives

5. Events listing to showcase ongoing drives or events , past events and also the upcoming ones.

6. Causes Listing page - To showcase all the causes your org is supporting

7. Causes detail page - To explain one cause in detail, with all its highlights.

8. Different sponsoring plans section with prices for them to show different packages that sponsors can donate for

9. About us page - where you can add details about your organisation, why you stand tall and different from others, how your journey started. This is the page that solely highlights you and your journey and how you have changed other's lives and created a positive impact.

10. blog listing - Content is the power. Publish right content here to attract the new visitors to your website and in turn to your business and build your brand. You can publish articles on various topics and allow users to filter and enjoy the content.

11. blog post - This is the page where one article or blog is published. Add attractive images, graphics, content , beautiful banner. Allow users to like and comment and also share the blog or article on social media. Build your social presence.

12. Team listing - Want to highlight your volunteers / staff and why they are so special? This page lets you showcase all your team, with their short intro/ bio.

13. Team detail - This page lets you showcase details about every volunteer / sponsor . Your team and staff are like your magnets, their experience and bio showcase will allow you to attract more volunteers for the causes

14. Contact us page - with form - to let people contact you for any queries that they may have

15. Reviews section - to display all the great words that you hear from your volunteers or sponsors or even from the orphanages or orgs that you help out. Show how your work for the causes has benefitted them through reviews.

16. Testimonials section - highlight the good words from your sponsors and volunteers, about how they liked working for the cause with you And the best.. Happiness Assurance from TransFunnel Consulting, Theme's creator and HubSpot' ELITE PARTNER.

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A flexible theme designed to support charity organisations, trusts and NGOs thats easy-to-use and innovative. Its time to make your presence felt

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  • Published 2022-12-06
  • Last Update 2023-03-23