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Custom solutions, full automation under SSOT accelerate rapid growth

From fully automating deals leading to significant increase in deal closures, eliminating manual efforts, opitimising deal pipeline, saving time for users, automating process to making role based custom dashboards, streamlined sales process, training to enable user adoption and more, TransFunnel helped the client leverage the platform the right way.

About client

A cloud and AI based software suite solutions for e-commerce businesses (now acquired by an e-commerce technology solution) helped brands set up and boost D2C sales via proprietary e-commerce and growth platforms. 

About Shoptimize
01 Continuous, seamless sync of data between LTS & HubSpot
02 PGT campaign manager integration with HubSpot  
03 Accurate data 
04 Complete access control
05 Increased productivity & efficiency for sales


  • Leverage HubSpot Professional to its full potential to support their rapid growth.
  • Diagnose and rectify the data inconsistencies in the current HubSpot setup, including any inaccurate data and reporting.
  • No single source of truth.
  • Streamline deal creation and qualification for Accelerator, Kickstarter (OR) and Kickstarter (AND) and other offerings.
  • With an E-commerce technology solution provider in process of acquiring the client then, HubSpot customisation was required as per the processes followed in the parent company.
  • Drive user adoption and enable the teams to effectively use HubSpot by training them on the best practices and to streamline the sales processes.


  • Close loopholes in the current HubSpot setup as it was the foundation for complete onboarding.
  • A specially curated, customized, easy-to-use setup, integrating the sales and marketing processes to aid the company’s rapid growth.
  • HubSpot as the single source of truth.
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive daily tasks by marketing and sales teams by leveraging automation.
  • Better visibility of performance metrics for users to gather insights and improve performance wherever required.
  • All users to utilise the tool effectively.


  • Sales hub implementation
    • Optimize deal pipeline.
    • Rectify the current setup.
    • Use calculation properties.
    • Improve consistency in deal movement across stages.
    • Streamline sales process with automation.
    • Automate deal movement.
  • Marketing hub implementation
    • Connect social accounts to schedule and publish posts via HubSpot
    • Automated notifications for lead generation
    • Automated lead source tagging
    • Get accounts ready for email campaigns
  • Store data into the right property type to ensure data accuracy and hygiene in the existing database
  • Refine the existing lead stages as well as the deal stages to make sure the marketing and sales processes are interconnected
  • To reduce dependency on MS Excel to calculate monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for various offerings
  • To set up easy HubSpot automations, which can be replicated by the parent company in the future to execute daily repetitive tasks
  • New reports, dashboards for different teams to ensure efficient reporting, tracking goals, performances, revenue, lead source, funnels and drop offs
  • Customized training for different teams to make the most of the newly configured portal


TransFunnel being the HubSpot Elite Solution Partner with proven expertise in onboarding, our client trusted we could help them overcome their challenges and provide them with a clear roadmap for automation to streamline their sales process and drive user adoption.


Good Partnership

We engaged with Transfunnel to integrate HubSpot SalesHub with our in-house application. We experienced good collaboration between them and our technical team throughout the project. Their technical skills and experience allowed us to move forward smoothly and meet expectations.

Service provided

CMS implementation and sales coaching and tranining

Balkrishna Patel, Sales & Marketing Operations Manager, Datamatics

TransFunnel audit

  • Two months of discovery calls with the client helped TransFunnel decipher the complex validations required to be added to Deals and to help bi-directional seamless sync of data between tool 1 and HubSpot.
  • Access was studied for different roles and the required permissions were discussed. Primary controller and lead generator access roles and permissions were defined.
  • Considering the complexity, phased approach for project was agreed upon – (1) Implement middleware to sync data between HubSpot and tool 1 (2) Implement validations for Deals.

Solutions and impacts

1. Refining and optimizing the current setup:

1. Refining and optimizing the current setup:

  • After identifying properties where data was being stored incorrectly, we created duplicate properties in the right format, copied the existing values to these using workflows and ensured old properties don't show up anymore.


  • The existing database now contains reliable data.
  • Accurate and concise reporting.
  • Efforts saved from manual clean-up of existing database.
2. Marketing & sales process setup:

2. Marketing & sales process setup:

  • We understood the sales and marketing processes during discovery calls.
  • Around this time, the client was strategizing their brand direction post the acquisition and this meant more time for Marketing onboarding and finalization of assets.
  • Both the sales and marketing processes were then aligned, the deal funnel was refined to reduce the number of stages, and the lifecycle and deal stages were synced.


  • Deal stages reduced with deal pipeline optimization, improving forecasting accuracy.
  • Marketing emails could be sent easily using the newly linked email account.
  • Lead source allocation and reporting set up efficiently.
  • Aligning the sales and marketing processes helped define roles clearly within the teams.
  • Reporting was set up to track the team’s performance accurately.
  • Social posts could be scheduled and published on multiple platforms via HubSpot.
3. Using calculation properties:

3. Using calculation properties:

  • We set up and used 5 available calculation properties to calculate MRR for different offerings and used workflows to automatically update the corresponding deal amounts.
  • 5 available calculation properties to calculate MRR for different offerings


  • HubSpot became the single source of truth.
  • The buyer company did not have to rely on MS Excel to calculate MRRs.
  • Elimination of manual efforts to manage MS Excel and copy MRRs to corresponding deals.
4. Setting up automation:

4. Setting up automation:

  • Automated daily repetitive tasks like lead assignment, task creation and follow up notifications for sales reps, drip campaigns for different stages, automatic property update and segmentation, automatic deal movement.


  • Time saved for users.
  • They could use the time to focus on the overall strategy to nurture leads.
  • No scope for human errors.
5. Custom reports & dashboards:

5. Custom reports & dashboards:

  • We set up custom reports and dashboards to create a holistic view of various performance metrics (lead funnel, deal funnel, revenue forecasts, marketing email performance, sales rep performance, team and individual performances).
  • Provided custom access rights to categorize reporting and dashboards.


  • Categorizing reports and dashboards to track marketing performance and sales efficiency enabled users to gain insights on different areas of improvements.
  • Separate dashboards to support different stakeholders (sales representatives, managers, CXOs) with proper access rights helped them track the relevant metrics with ease.
6. User adoption & customized HubSpot training:

6. User adoption & customized HubSpot training:

  • Designed and provided customized training to separate teams (marketing and sales) to enable them to realize maximum value from HubSpot tools and features.
  • Reporting setup to keep track of team goals, revenue, source-wise performance, rep level performance and more.


  • Users familiar with platform, relevant features and newly configured process.
  • Users well versed with best practices for creating emails, landing pages, setting up lead scoring, brand persona usage.
  • Reporting set up to track important parameters to define success post onboarding.
  • Users well versed with complete documentation with details regarding custom properties, types, association, calculation properties, workflows.
Shoptimize Overall Impact