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"Case Study The Healthcare Company"

Healthcare Brand

Custom integration for isolated teams to work in unison

Having acquired six sub-brands, a prominent healthcare brand was using diverse marketing automation tools spread across each sub-brand. The client approached TransFunnel for custom integration of their tools and wanted to merge all their systems under one roof.

Client challenges

  • With independent teams working in isolation, the brand faced lack of coordination and unison. The teams were unaligned and this was affecting brand communication.
  • Owing to multiple sales and marketing funnels, the brand’s sales and marketing team lacked alignment. This fragmented state of affairs failed to give their customers a satisfactory experience.
  • With no access to in-depth customer details due to lack of digital content, ABM strategy and unmeasurable marketing metrics, the brand was losing precious time to make a mark on its e-commerce platform.

TransFunnel in the picture

    Starting by understanding the state of affairs of the company deeply and also figuring out the challenges faced by customers, TransFunnel offered a one stop marketing automation plan, which could streamline their marketing and sales processes. We also identified the feasibility of the desired information architecture and how it would be aligned with HubSpot.

    TransFunnel offered one single source of marketing automation for all their sales and marketing activities. It also intended to streamline the sales and marketing funnels and restructured the ABM strategy. We also integrated the database and contacts and offered to build a platform, which provided customer access for digital content.


The brand lacked a unified functioning across its sales and marketing teams, which were not working in tandem. Their customers were not satisfied due to this fragmented state.


The results that our solutions brought about proved exemplary for the client. A single unified brand of the fragmented sub-brands was created and the sales and marketing teams also started functioning in tandem owing to their alignment. A global technology platform was created across their sales, marketing and services teams. Their digital content platform underwent a revamp. As a result of this, customer service improved greatly.

Align your sales and marketing teams and enable them to work in tandem