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"Case Study Lander"


Inbound strategies
push web traffic
up 22%

A one-stop solution to create impactful landing pages without any custom coding, Lander, focuses on attracting new leads by providing high converting landing pages to its customers.

In the four phases of the project, TransFunnel strategised content on the basis of search terms and interlinked the existing 40,000 blogs to classify them into the sales funnel stages. This was followed by backlinking and uploading of articles.

Web traffic


Blog money pages traffic


Free trial to paid users


Pain point

  • Lander wanted to increase their web traffic from its current status of stagnant
  • The traffic from blog to money pages diversion was low
  • The free trial conversion was again lower than the industry standard

TransFunnel to the rescue

    TransFunnel helped in interlinking the content for Lander in order to streamline the web traffic on ToFu, MoFu and BoFu stages. We also helped the client in keyword selection for high intent anchor text. Assistance was provided to Lander in the rankings of search items besides Off page search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid public relations (PR) on relevant sites.

    In the first phase of this project, the quarterly content strategies focused on a set of search terms and variety of content segregated by different buyer personas and geographies. In the second phase, TransFunnel intended to interlink the already existing 40,000 blogs and furthermore classify them into the sales funnel stages. In the third and final stage, back linking and uploading of articles were undertaken on their websites with drive referral.


Lander found it difficult to increase traffic from blog to money pages diversion. In parallel, traffic to the free trial conversion was way lower than the industry standard.


The results generated by Transfunnel for Lander’s growth were exceptional. There was an increase in web traffic by 22%. As desired by the client, there was also an increase in blog money pages traffic by 14%. The free trial signups also went up by 4%. Also, there was a surge in free trial to paid users by 20%.

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