LEAD leverages HubSpot efficiently to streamline biz processes, satisfy end user
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LEAD leverages HubSpot efficiently to streamline biz processes, satisfy end user

With TransFunnel as LEAD’s strategic partner, they overcame internal process challenges and witnessed 100% accurate data and quotes, 1000+ deal revisions, improved client satisfaction, team alignment and unprecedented growth.

About LEAD

LEAD, India's largest School EdTech company aims to bring international standard education for Indian students. In 10 years, LEAD has expanded to 400+ cities, powering 3500+ schools to nurture 25000+ teachers and 14,00,000+ students in modern India. 


  • Despite using HubSpot for 2+ years, LEAD could not leverage the platform to its full potential, onboard and efficiently track their business processes like ‘sales to operationalization’, ‘excellence team’ process.
  • Events organized for schools could not be tracked and hence, many schools were missed out.
  • Customer interactions with sales reps couldn’t be recorded, leading to loss of valuable customer information. There was no way to see support tickets raised for a given customer.
  • Many signed deals weren’t keyed into systems, SAP (billing tool) and Nucleus (in-house app) to create customer IDs and track billing, leading to lost leads.
  • Sales team could change products in approved deals, without finance team’s nod, leading to confusion and delayed approvals.
  • RKAM teams were not notified about signed deals causing delay in customer onboarding.
  • Closed support tickets were being re-opened impacting support.
  • Access control issues led to possibilities of fraud and erroneous information.
  • MSG91 used to send messages to customers, was not integrated with HubSpot, leading to lost leads.


  • A HubSpot partner for strategic insights to leverage HubSpot efficiently.
  • Onboard business processes, record events, meetings with customers effectively in HubSpot to improve excellence milestone pipeline.
  • Deals created accurately, details not tampered with and streamlined information flow to downstream systems from signed deals.
  • Generate automated accurate notifications internally and assign signed deals to correct RKAMs for faster product delivery.
  • Support tickets closed within SLA and not reopened erroneously.
  • Define access control for teams to prevent fraud, streamline information sharing.
  • Send personalized bulk messages automatically from HubSpot using MSG91.
  • Measure customer satisfaction by analyzing conversation between sales reps and schools.


  • Product and region details captured accurately in signed deals.
  • Capture details related to events in various schools.
  • Review 700+ HubSpot automated workflows.
  • Define and implement deal revision process to ensure deal changes are sent for finance nod.
  • Avoid reopening of closed support tickets.
  • Define roles and permissions for teams to prevent access to sensitive information.
  • Integrate MSG91 with HubSpot and let applications communicate with each other and set up automatic workflows to send personalized messages.
  • Capture added information like client conversations, details in existing geofence custom object; track customer satisfaction level.

TransFunnel audit

  • Customer region was not captured correctly in deals and wasn’t syncing with SAP impacting operationalization.
  • Signed deals approved by finance were again updated by sales but not run through by the former for review. There were discrepancies between what the finance team had approved and what was promised to customer.
  • If a customer emailed support team on closed issues, system inadvertently reopened the same ticket even though they were closed months ago increasing support's workload.
  • Many users were given Super Admin access. Workflows and deals were getting updated by users causing incorrect results and reports.
  • Out of 700 workflows, 150 were duplicated.

Client speaks

"We are very happy with our association with TransFunnel because of their unique and innovative solutions which have fetched us detailed customer information and good quality leads. Our business has grown exponentially from the time TransFunnel came into the picture."
- Vishal Gupta, Senior Product Manager, LEAD


Product in the HubSpot Deals could now be selected from approved product library and no custom products could be newly added from deals.


  • Correct product information led to 100% accurate quotes sent to customers.
  • Product information matched HubSpot and Order Management System and deals were easily approved by finance saving 50% time.

Region could be selected from a defined list of regions common for interconnected systems.


  • RKAMs were assigned deals signed for their respective regions promptly, Tickets created on time, internal teams could coordinate better for operationalization.
  • Seamless, timely product delivery to schools led to lesser support service calls by customers, improved client satisfaction.
  • With no mismatch in region information when deals were signed for new customers, SAP received notification, generated new SAP ID. No customer records were missed out.

Existing deal records were rectified to display correct regions by adding new region property captured based on deal owners’ team locations. Automation was set up to remove redundancies in future deals. Manual editing of this property was restricted.


  • Up to 90% challenge for each deal closed was overcome as region could be captured and customer identity created in SAP, timely assignment of RKAMs was done and tickets were created for operationalization.
  • All the deals information in HubSpot was accurate. Reports were retrieved showing correct details to management.

Out of 700+ HubSpot automated workflows, 150 duplicated workflows were disabled.


  • Efficient workflows led to accurate information update with internal teams receiving deal details faster and accurate reports. Smoother product deliveries to customers were seen.

New business processes like MBL and Deal Revision were onboarded. New users, teams and process flows were created.


  • HubSpot setup supports new business processes

Defined and implemented new deal revision process changed status of an approved signed deal to ‘open’ in case of an update. An automatic notification was sent to finance to review deal and re-approve it.


  • As many as 1000 deals are updated since March 2022.
  • Reduced chances of fraud.
  • Updates routed through proper channel.
  • Downstream systems have correct deal details.
  • All teams aligned on deal details.

Support tickets remained closed unless customer responded to email within 2 days of closing ticket else it would create a new ticket with past reference if customer replied after 2 days.


  • Support team could now meet their SLAs as old tickets were not reopening unnecessarily.
  • Management could analyze support team’s actual productivity as reporting captured correct time of closing support tickets.

Access control system was set up to provide users access based on team groupings. Super Admin access was provided to top management.


  • Correct reporting as sensitive information is not accessible to all and information cannot be tampered with.
  • Correct workflows were being run with limited people having access to required workflows.
  • Grouping of teams made sure any user had access to only the information needed to perform his/her job.

MSG91 was custom integrated with HubSpot to enable message recording. HubSpot workflows were created to automatically send bulk personalized messages from within HubSpot.


  • Custom integration saved time and increased efficiency, aligned sales and marketing and provided communication history to support.
  • Leads from MSG91 captured as contacts in HubSpot.

We provided custom solution to capture meeting details with schools using new PHP forms with hyperlinks to allow sales reps to fill additional details in relevant custom object records with help of APIs.


  • Record of MoMs made it easier to analyze and measure customer satisfaction.

Main Impact