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How a tech company achieved accurate, holistic reporting, increased productivity & ROI

HubSpot Onboarding, Implementation, Custom Intgration And Data Validation Solution

From establishing a complete sync between their in-house tool used to track and edit deals (referred to as tool 1) and an in-house system used for campaigns (referred to as tool 2) with HubSpot, we could help the client set up continuous inflow of contacts, ensuring accurate validated data. TransFunnel provided them with reliable, holistic reporting, ensuring huge increase in Deals, proper access control and highly improved sales team efficiency (MoM).

Impact of integration

The Impact of HubSpot Integration
01 Continuous, seamless sync of data between LTS & HubSpot
02 PGT campaign manager integration with HubSpot  
03 Accurate data 
04 Complete access control
05 Increased productivity & efficiency for sales

A business intelligence solutions technology company, the client offers B2B services in demand generation, market research, finance and accounting outsourcing, contact database and analytics, taxation and payroll outsourcing by optimising Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Cloud and more such technologies.


  • In-house tool (tool 1) to track and edit deals was not efficient enough. The need of the hour was to move Leads and Deals data to HubSpot Sales Hub to manage the process efficiently with HubSpot Deals. But tool 1 and HubSpot could not be directly integrated.
  • Deals in tool 1 could be tracked and edited erroneously by any user.
  • Data accuracy seemed bleak due to possible duplicates (eg.: company names).
  • No direct way to get contacts gathered from various campaigns in the in-house system (tool 2 used for campaigns) to HubSpot.


  • To sync Deals data accurately and consistently between HubSpot Sales Hub and tool 1.
  • Efficient and complete access control for Deals.
  • Efficient and complete access control for Deals and leads.
  • Data accuracy and no duplicates.
  • Continuous sync of new contacts from campaigns in tool 2 to HubSpot.


  • Integrate tool 1 with HubSpot
    • Rigorous data validations were part of deals and various fields in tool 1, but these validations didn’t exist in HubSpot Deals nor could be implemented directly. An easily adjustable middleware tool as a customisable solution for complex data validations before syncing data with HubSpot.
    • Continuous data sync between tool 1 and HubSpot via API calls.
    • Accurate data in HubSpot Deals.
    • Rampant downtime of tool 1 not to affect deal sync.
  • Admin portal to manage user access and reporting
    • Define roles and permissions
    • Complete control
  • A single source of truth as against the usage of tool 1, which allowed duplication of contact/company
  • Integrate tool 2 with HubSpot
    • Seamless contact import from campaigns.


As a HubSpot Elite Partner in India and the first HubSpot CRM Implementation Accredited partner in APAC, the client believed that TransFunnel could resolve their pain points and provide them custom integration solutions and implement all required complex validations to ensure data accuracy and efficient reporting.


Good Partnership

We engaged with Transfunnel to integrate HubSpot SalesHub with our in-house application. We experienced good collaboration between them and our technical team throughout the project. Their technical skills and experience allowed us to move forward smoothly and meet expectations.

Service provided

CMS implementation and sales coaching and tranining

Balkrishna Patel, Sales & Marketing Operations Manager, Datamatics

TransFunnel audit

  • Two months of discovery calls with the client helped TransFunnel decipher the complex validations required to be added to Deals and to help bi-directional seamless sync of data between tool 1 and HubSpot.
  • Access was studied for different roles and the required permissions were discussed. Primary controller and lead generator access roles and permissions were defined.
  • Considering the complexity, phased approach for project was agreed upon – (1) Implement middleware to sync data between HubSpot and tool 1 (2) Implement validations for Deals.

Solutions and impacts

1. Middleware created to integrate tool 1 and HubSpot:

1. Middleware created to integrate tool 1 and HubSpot:

  • Created with similar fields as that in tool 1 and HubSpot Deals to aid data sync.
  • API calls implemented in middleware to retrieve and push data to tool 1, enable seamless data flow unhampered by downtime in tool 1.
  • Middleware Created To Integrate Tool And HubSpot
  • Webhooks created to facilitate data circulation between HubSpot Deals and middleware.


  • Seamless sync of data between HubSpot and tool 1.
  • Downtime in tool 1 handled by APIs ensured no leads were missed to be synced.
2. Data validations to ensure accuracy:

2. Data validations to ensure accuracy:

  • Complex data validations that could not be done directly in HubSpot Deals were implemented in the middleware.
  • Validations for more than 400 inter-linked and inter-dependent fields were set up.
  • Deals allowed to be edited only in middleware and HubSpot Deals made un-editable directly. This ensured data entered could always be validated.


  • Pre-validated data before sync ensured data accuracy in HubSpot.
  • Latest updated data available in HubSpot and tool 1.
  • Moving the Deals data to HubSpot helped visualise the deal funnel stages easily and accurately, thereby deciphering the gaps in existing approach and strategising accordingly for future.
3. Admin portal and logs:

3. Admin portal and logs:

  • Middleware access control provided through admin portal.
  • Roles and permissions defined.
  • Only designated users could create and edit Deals via middleware.
  • Direct editing of Deals not allowed in HubSpot to ensure all data was always validated.
  • Integration log to see volume of data synced regularly.


  • Only authorised users could access the middleware.
  • Data accuracy and no erroneous updates.
  • Logs for future reference.
4. Tool 2 integrated with HubSpot:

4. Tool 2 integrated with HubSpot:

  • Tool 2, used for campaigning and a source of new contacts, was integrated with HubSpot.
  • Contacts were easily imported into HubSpot.
  • Contacts were also added from B2B database systems.


  • Continuous inflow of new contacts from various campaigns to HubSpot to aid sales team.
5. Existing data sync and training:

5. Existing data sync and training:

  • Existing Deals migrated from tool 1 to HubSpot with the correct validations and fields.
  • Their sales team was trained on HubSpot Sales Hub features.


  • The updated Deals helped the sales and marketing teams to have details under one roof.
  • Training made the team adept and independent to leverage the Sales Hub to help in their business.


Tool 2 integration with HubSpot

  • Boost to sales
  • Continuous inflow of contacts

Continuous, seamless sync of data between tool 1 and HubSpot

  • No leads missed
  • Not affected by downtime
  • No duplicates
  • Accurate data
  • More than 100+ validations
  • Pre-validated data before sync
  • Updated data available always

Accurate data

  • More than 100+ validations setup for various fields in the middleware
  • Pre-validated data before sync ensured data accuracy in HubSpot

Increased productivity & efficiency for sales

  • Complete Deals funnel visibility
  • Better tracking
  • Efficient gap analysis
  • Effective strategising
  • Training

Complete access control

  • Authorised access
  • Accurate data, no erroneous updates
  • Logs available