To provide exceptional and holistic marketing automation services to our clients, we team up with the best in the industry so that you can get the most out of your investment. In order to extend business-aligned marketing automation services we have partnered with:

Leadsquared offers a marketing automation platform which allows you to grow manifold by driving up your marketing and sales results. From lead capturing, marketing automation, to sales acceleration, and comprehensive analytics, it brings to you everything you need to drive your sales figures up.

Netcore helps us extend digital marketing through mobile and smart devices so that you can capture your leads right where the opportunity originates. We partner with Netcore to help you reach out to your potential customers through proactive mobile marketing methods.

Promoto helps us in extending to our clients that one service which will be truly beneficial to them in the long run. For businesses that understand the importance of long term customer relationship, Promoto is the key. No marketing method can out do the traditional ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing and Promoto helps you do just that. It helps you identify those customers who are ready to become your long term brand advocates and thereby helps you focus better on building a relationship with them.


Leado helps growing companies automate and optimize their various marketing, sales, and business operations. What differentiates Leado from other Software based automation tools is the multi-way communication that is possible through Leado. Other platforms would require you to constantly monitor and take manual actions like upload and download of data. But in Leado, it’s configuring apps that you already use (Sendgrid, Facebook, Adwords, Plivo, Webhooks) on Leado and setting up rules for the communication.