Defining Target Audience, Market Segments and Demographics

Marketing Automation Consulting

When we look at how people conduct business activities today, we see that most of their buying and selling happens online. So when two major elements of any business transaction are happening online, why should the marketing initiatives be left behind?

Marketing automation automates your online marketing strategy. It saves you from the harrowing experience of trying to align the sales and marketing teams. It quantifies marketing initiatives and it actually brings in the expected ROI. But like everything good, marketing automation has its drawbacks. The amount of people, resources and investment that goes into implementing a marketing automation system consumes a major portion of the expected return.

At TransFunnel, we form the bridge between you, your marketing automation strategy and the ROI you expect from it. We make implementation easy and help in:

  • Optimize Lead Conversion
  • Create Demand
  • Unique Strategy for your Business

Let us take a closer look at how TransFunnel helps you pull off this trick

Optimize Lead Conversion

● Marketing Automation

We help you:

  • Run your marketing automation tool with ease helping you generate more and better-qualified leads
  • Nurture these leads thereby preparing them to be conversion ready
  • Increase the sales pipeline velocity
  • Align your sales and marketing functions efficiently

● Lead scoring

TransFunnel helps you use the right metrics to score your leads so that you know which leads are ready to be converted and which ones need a bit more nurturing till they reach the conversion stage.

We help:

  • Apply the right metrics using BANT and demographic attributes among others
  • Track the social media activities of your target customers thereby zeroing down on hot-leads
  • Automate lead qualification process so that you can convert the leads into customers faster.

● Lead Nurturing

With TransFunnel, you can:

  • Generate effective and meaningful content
  • Build long term relationships with customers
  • Send targeted communication to leads based on buying behaviour
  • Apply metrics to marketing efforts, identify areas that offer high sales opportunities

● Analysis and Reporting

Scattered information is wasted information. We collect the data on leads, metrics, sales readiness and other factors and summarize them.

This report is simple, relevant and the best tool to make quick and informed decisions. We bring to you:

  • Accurate forecasts with projected revenue from your future marketing activities
  • Quality analysis to assign actual figures to your marketing initiatives


At TransFunnel, we help generate demand for your brand by adopting a number of steps.

● Content Marketing

You need to have the right things to say about your brand. Only when you have captivating and relevant information for your leads, will they start showing interest in your product or service and follow your emails or social media posts more closely. We help you:

  • Generate relevant content for your potential buyers
  • Automate your email initiatives to make it less tardy and more efficient
  • Spread awareness about your brand by sending them personalized communication
  • Apply metrics to find out the effectiveness of your content marketing initiatives

● E-mail Marketing

It is important to create email content that encourage your target audience to click on it and read it instead of tossing it into spam. We help you:

  • Create interesting content that will keep your leads interested in your communications
  • Design emails using templates that are fool-proof and fail-proof
  • Communicate to your leads using personalized emails that added the extra attention as opposed to bulk emails
  • Know which email marketing strategies are working best for you using A/B testing

● SEO Enabled Content

It is not just about content. It is about SEO enabled content. In order to ensure people actually find your website on the internet, your website needs to be search engine optimized. TransFunnel helps you:

  • Create landing pages that act like lead magnets
  • Attract customers by offering solutions for their pain points
  • Find out who are your potential sales conversions from the inquiries they make
  • Align sales support to CRM applications

● Social Media

It is safe to say that most of your targeted audiences use the internet and are active users of social networking platforms as well. It is only prudent to use these platforms to propel your brand’s recognition in the target market. You can do this by:

  • Creating tailor-made messages for your social media communications
  • Generating content for social media that in turn generates interest among your potential customers
  • Clubbing activities that focus on brand building and lead nurturing

● Capture the focus of your hot leads

This is one of the foremost benefits you can expect when you hire our services. Many a time marketers try to reach decision makers who will make the ultimate decision of trying a brand. We help engage these top-level decision makers and widen your scope of hot leads.


Before integrating or implementing any business process, it is important to have a fail-safe strategy. When you think of implementing marketing automation, we help you create business aligned automation strategies that will help optimize your overall marketing process.

We start with strategic planning -we work on defining your target audience and potential buyer. We work on the kind of communication required to attract and nurture hot leads. We find out if and how your processes run optimally and apply metrics that help measure the results.

By using automation technologies you can identify buyers who are in dire need of your services. By tracking their buyer behavior you can create messages that will impact them in a way to turn them into hot leads and finally into customers

Finally, marketing is not a sole function. With our strong CRM integration process we align marketing and sales initiatives together by creating lead management programs, recycling leads, follow up and communicate with leads who are close to the conversion phase.