Why is
Inbound Marketing
Indispensable Today?

Inbound Marketing

We get the question, “What is Inbound Marketing after all?” It can be quite a lot when it comes to different marketing methods. We can say that it is the well-proven marketing method that works wonders in the digital decade. We know that the buyer of today has all the power. With a considerable shift in the relationship between businesses and customers, the buyer has more information about the products, industry, and even competition, at literally their fingertips.

“Inbound is a fundamental shift in the way you do business and a philosophy based on helping people. The inbound approach to do business is customer-centric.” Quotes

According to HubSpot,

Unlike outbound marketing, you don't need to fight for the customer's attention when you adopt inbound marketing. All you need to do is align the way buyers think, research, and buy, and offer value by attracting customers to your website or your product and service page with the help of quality and relevant content.

Once they are aware of your business, engage them with email campaigns that add significant value to their lives and in turn, build credibility for your business. And finally, delight them with amazing offers that they can't refuse. This is essentially the 3-step process of inbound methodology - Attract, Engage and Delight!


When you align all your objectives with the inbound approach, the customers who interact with your business will have a holistic experience in their journey as a buyer. Everybody on your team who faces the customers must know how to engage and delight them irrespective of which team or department they belong to. Inbound marketing is all about doing business in a humanistic way while using technology as a supporting tool to sell, grow, and add value at all stages of your customer's journey.

Inbound Marketing

Why is it Time for Inbound Marketing and Why You Need it to Thrive?

Here is the story of almost every business that is yet to explore the inbound marketing space - they are excited to move ahead in the game, have amazing products and services, and teams, but don't have the right alignment between teams and their vision and what they actually end up doing becomes a totally different deal altogether. So, if you are not sure your business needs an inbound marketing plan, these are some of the top reasons suggesting why you do:

  • Attracts prospects better than any other marketing method
  • Generates inbound links, which thereby, help in increasing followers
  • Increases the presence of your brand across different platforms
  • Supports search engine optimization efforts
  • Generates qualified leads in a lesser budget as compared to traditional methods

Let us explain… If your business is facing any of the following issues, then it's time to adopt inbound marketing in order to thrive:

“Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads.” Quotes

According to stats,

You aren't Generating Good Leads

Sometimes visitors make spontaneous purchase decisions and a lot of times they go through the whole sales funnel to be a qualified lead. However, sales numbers won't go up without first generating leads, yes? Especially in B2B, generating leads and winning customers is a much longer process than it is in any other business. By raising brand awareness, attracting strangers to your website, converting those visitors into leads with inbound lead generation, and finally converting those leads into sales, an effective Inbound Marketing strategy can help you close more number of sales than any other form of marketing.


You Don't Have a Strong Online Presence

If you aren't showing up in the top Google search results, then your prospects won't even know who you are. In this case, you need to first know where you are failing with respect to driving traffic to your site. And this is where SEO also comes into play. By optimising the website, you make your online presence stronger, which ultimately helps to get you a good chunk of leads. However, with constant Google algorithm changes, it could be difficult to achieve that. And that's where you need an Inbound Marketing methodology or inbound marketing strategies.


Your Marketing Efforts Aren't Resulting in Good ROI

Many businesses don't have a good handle on marketing ROI. They spend a dollar on facebook but aren't sure if they are going to be seeing any results at all. Everything you do online, every email your prospects and customer engage with can be traced back to a dashboard or an analytical system to see exactly how much revenue and sales your marketing efforts eventually generated. And if you aren't seeing great results, then, now would be the time to adopt an inbound methodology.


You Aren't Sure What's Working and What's Not

It's quite likely that you are running a hit-and-miss marketing campaign if you are not sure whether it's working or not. Inbound marketing helps in generating detailed reports on where the traffic is coming from, where it's leading to, and everything that's happening in between. Inbound tactics are result-driven and action-oriented, which means if you are not sure where a particular marketing campaign, for example, is leading, you can always analyse the performance and take relevant actions.

Inbound Marketing

Components of Inbound Marketing - The Ones You Actually Need

Now that you know the inbound marketing definition and inbound marketing platform, you might wonder what exactly constitutes it. Here are a few elements that make for the whole inbound marketing methodology or inbound strategy:



Google is intelligent, so you need to be too! Search Engine Optimization helps in exactly that - in making your content intelligent so Google can find it easily and put you on top of the list of search results. This also helps search engines target visitors to your website when someone is looking for a product or service that is associated with your brand. Use targeted keywords - primary, secondary, and long-tail for all content pieces on the website, blogs, insights, resources, and campaigns. Additionally, these are some SEO mistakes you need to avoid to have a successful inbound marketing strategy.



Every piece of content you share on social media is an intricate part of who you are and what you want your target audience to see. Blogging is by far one of the most common inbound marketing examples and a legitimate source of attracting new leads. Your blogs encourage prospects to find you when they are looking for something similar to what you offer. Knowing what people are talking about and plugging into your target audience behaviours, you can find the right keywords that should be generating you organic traffic once incorporated into blogs. Striking a balance between evergreen content and niche content is the key to creating exciting content they want to consume, and not just read.

“79% of companies that have a blog report a positive ROI for inbound marketing.” Quotes

According to stats,

Social Media

Since marketing is evolving to be more personalised and targeted, it is all the more important to personally connect with your prospects and customers. And that's where social media platforms help. They are the embodiment of everything personal and help you connect with your target audience at any time, from anywhere. When people are interested in a particular product or service they follow, like or subscribe, and choose to receive messages related to what they are interested in. On the other hand, if at any point of time they decide to opt out, they can easily do so by unfollowing and unsubscribing. This practice really puts the power into the hands of customers - exactly how they like it.


Content Marketing

A big part of inbound marketing methodology is content marketing. After all, everything starts with that one blog post which introduces you to the world, isn't it? Content makes for a credible source of information coming from a particular brand about their products and services and people usually rely on that information. So, put in enough efforts to create and share useful content in the form of videos, articles, and podcasts, other than only blogs, targeting your audience and optimise the relationship you have built with them. Here are the top content marketing tips you can use in 2019!

“Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and triples the leads.” Quotes

According to stats,
Inbound Marketing

How to Get Started
with Inbound

Getting started with different inbound marketing service might be a costly affair and if you are not ready to invest tens of thousands of dollars right away, here's a small checklist on how to get started with inbound marketing:


Know your Target Audience:

Learn everything about your target audience and what makes them tick. Understand which stage of the buyer's journey do they fall in and how best you can help them address their problems and solve them. Create thorough buyer personas to categorise who you are targeting and segregate the content accordingly.


Know your Story:

What is your story? Is it compelling for your audience to listen to? Storytelling is one of the best ways to attract organic leads, but for that, it needs to be authentic and true to what you do. Read how to make storytelling your best content strategy


Make a Content Calendar:

Have your content calendar in place and decide which platform the content will go out on. The content must educate your audience about your business or service, at the same time must address their desires and needs.


Promote Your Content:

A bullet-proof buyer persona, compelling story-line, and striking content itself can't do much if it's not promoted in the right manner. There are specific times and slots for each social media platform where you can actively promote your content for best results.

While a content calendar will help put a content plan in place, it is also important to focus on quality rather than quantity. It not only encourages Google to show you in the top search results but also increases your business's credibility and growth. While generating quality content, it is also critical to know that it should focus on your prospects' needs rather than your business.

From time to time, analyse and reflect on how your content is performing and make necessary tweaks. This can help you understand how effective that strategy is which you have put in place and how can it be improved.

Inbound Marketing

How to Make Inbound Marketing Work for

“Properly executed inbound marketing is 10x more effective for lead conversion than outbound.” Quotes

According to research,

Today, the internet and social media are playing major roles in customer decision making. You have to ensure that you have taken steps to educate your customers in order to change buying behaviors. To make inbound marketing work, have a disciplined approach to content creation and make use of marketing automation tools that help you score, nurture, and optimise leads.

Having 10000 followers on Instagram is great! But what is it offering in terms of value and financial metrics? How is anything you do helping you in terms of generating profits and promoting growth? How many people are finding your website through organic ways? Leverage strategic use of marketing automation and inbound marketing to empower inbound efforts. Initiate relationships with leads that are not yet ready to make a purchase. Additionally, connecting marketing automation to CRM makes sure your leads are not lost and you are able to equally make use of the qualified ones as well as the not-so-qualified ones.

As today's businesses are realising the power of inbound marketing channels, they know that only outbound efforts are not enough, especially when buying behaviours have drastically changed, putting all the power into the hands of the customers. Instead of fighting for their attention, inbound marketing helps strategise the efforts in the direction of attracting them organically. To be successful with inbound marketing efforts, businesses need the right amalgamation of quality content, marketing automation tools, and laser-focus goals that only the right inbound marketing company can bring.

And here's something on how you can make the most of marketing automation!

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