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HubSpot Integration Services

Presenting to you Kapil Arora, Founder and CEO of TransFunnel, as the first “HubSpot Certified Trainer” in India!

Over the past 15 years, Kapil has trained and helped several businesses make the most of the HubSpot offerings and literally turn their ROIs around. His passion for inbound marketing grows and multiplies with each passing day.

Kapil’s strategic marketing automation skills, inbound strategy tactics and being a serial entrepreneur have helped him build a strong team of HubSpot Certified Experts at Transfunnel. His team is highly capable of taking up challenging complex custom integrations and helping businesses leverage the HubSpot platform and its features.

Be it any intricate migration or integration, Kapil’s experience and expertise have added a feather to his cap and in turn, TransFunnel’s too.

From evaluating your current online strategic decisions to identifying marketing gaps, Kapil Arora can provide your business with an outstanding HubSpot solution.

A Dedicated HubSpotter

With years of working across countries and continents, Kapil has now become a dedicated HubSpotter, who believes in the right blend of marketing automation the inbound way, to resolve your pain points with an agile approach and custom-fit strategies.

Along the way, we enabled businesses to accelerate their growth and ROI with HubSpot and its features, the inbound way. It is this precision, dedication and hard work we have put in as a team that has helped us land on the topmost tier among the 1% of HubSpot elite partners across the globe.

How does the training work?

The corporate training module is divided into three parts – for sales, marketing and management. A 3-day schedule, this corporate training imparts information on the best industry practices on HubSpot and its features.

What does it mean to be trained by Kapil?

TransFunnel’s Elite partnership with HubSpot is proof enough to show Kapil’s credibility as a HubSpot trainer. When you have a trainer like Kapil, all you have to do is sit back relaxed after sharing your business challenges, goals, prospects and other information. The training will:

  • Help you achieve guaranteed outcomes that are effectively driven by process

  • Help you streamline and align your Sales and Marketing teams, their processes and their goals

  • Teach and train you on how to use HubSpot platform efficiently, measure marketing and sales efforts with detailed reporting

  • Help you prepare actionable reports, reap benefits of real- time analytics and always take up the challenge you throw up

After the training:

  • The beneficiaries are well-versed with HubSpot and its features.

  • They know how to use HubSpot optimally to best suit their unique business needs.

  • With the right knowledge comes the right enablement to leverage the platform features, which in turn, gives accurate and detailed reporting.

How Kapil goes the extra mile for customers?

Being the first HubSpot Certified Trainer in India, Kapil aims to -

  • Share HubSpot and inbound methodology insights to businesses with support from HubSpot.

  • Inspire to expand the reach of the inbound way for businesses.

  • Help HubSpot customers to get the most out of their marketing automation investment by creating engaging training modules to guide them.

  • Successfully onboarding and managing organisational changes while making the best of the HubSpot platform and its features.

When Kapil isn’t HubSpotting, you’ll find him reading in a corner or playing the role of a motivational leader, automation consultant, a caring husband and a loving father.

Are you looking for an adept HubSpot certified partner? Kapil Arora is here to drive ROI with his HubSpot expertise.