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jQuery vs JavaScript: Know The Differences

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Mar 24, 2022

Write less, do more: jQuery philosophy

As you may know, jQuery is a free open-source library used to design the HTML DOM, a tree-like structure built from elements. Being the most popular library used in making the HTML DOM, jQuery helps developers to use Javascript and makes writing codes much easier. The syntax of jQuery is designed to make things easily understandable.

1. Navigation of a document

2. Selection of elements

3. Creating animations

4. Handling events

5. Developing Ajax applications

jQuery is a widely used Javascript library among all the libraries and holds the following features:

Selecting DOM elements, traversal and manipulation enabled by Sizzle (selector engine), creating a new programming style, fusing DOM data structures and algorithms.

  • jQuery is a javascript library whereas Javascript is a dynamic programming language.

  • In jQuery, the user has to write the entire jQuery code, which is less time consuming but in Javascript, the user needs to write the complete Javascript code, which takes a lot of time.

  • In jQuery, the URL is required in the header of the HTML page for running the code on the browser whereas Javascript is supported by all browsers. No additional URLs are not required in it.