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HTML, CSS - A Complete Guide For Beginners

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TransFunnel Consulting Nov 26, 2021

HTML, CSS Lessons For Prefect Website Designs 

What are the raw materials needed before one gets on to constructing a building? Bricks, cement, paint and so on. Similarly, in order to design a strong and attractive website, HyperText MarkUp Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) are the raw materials that one would need to keep in place. 

While there are guides aplenty that attempt to teach you the basics of HTML and CSS with different concepts and theories, this blog will help you design a website with practicality. 

HTML consists of tags and attributes, which help you design a webpage. It can also be described as a document that contains a link allowing a user to jump from one webpage to another on the internet.

On the other hand, CSS is a helping hand to HTML, which helps a user to design a webpage by providing different designing and styling properties for the content. 

There Are Three Types Of CSS:

Inline, Internal and External.

1. Inline CSS

Inline CSS is used to apply styling in a single HTML element.

It uses a style attribute to control a single HTML element.

2. Internal CSS

Internally, a


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