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10 Ways To Use Pardot for B2B Marketing Automation

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jul 22, 2019

10 Best Ways To Use Pardot for B2B Marketing Automation:

What is Pardot:

In the world of marketing automation, you’ll come across a lot of cutting-edge automation platforms that compete to offer you the best services. These platforms help you know how to increase your leads, close them into customers and finally, engage your customers to make them loyal to your brand. One of these marketing automation platforms is Pardot, which caters to a wide range of business types including B2B. While we recommend that you take your time to decide on which platform to go for, we can make it easier for you as we have a list of things that you can do with one of the fastest-growing B2B marketing automation platforms - Pardot. Take a look! 

1. Send Personalised, Activity-based Content

With Pardot, not only can you track a lead’s activity and send personalised messages but also warm up cold leads. So, based on their last activity, you may send emails or messages. For example, if a visitor just clicked on the desired call to action, send them a welcome email or if someone has been loyal to you since a long time, don’t forget to send them a wish on your anniversary with them! This gives them a feeling of being cared about and everyone loves that. 

2. Track Prospects 

Like we mentioned before, Pardot can track a lead’s activity. Hence, it can inform you even when the lead is leaving the desired action in between, such as going to a landing page but not converting. In such cases, one of the Pardot’s automation rule can help in applying tags to such completion actions to inform whenever someone has “Clicked” the desired page but “isn’t” taking the desired action. To such prospects, you can create and send personalised emails. 

3. Assign a Sales Rep for Each Prospect 

One of the best features of Pardot is that it helps bring together your sales and marketing teams. Pardot’s sales rep assigning automation rule is made to tag a sales rep with each and every prospect. By doing this, it makes it easy for the marketing team to filter sales rep-specific reports and take further action.

4. Connect Prospects to Ongoing Campaigns of their Interest

When you’re launching campaigns, you don’t want to lose any opportunity to convert prospects into leads. With Pardot’s automation rules, you can grab hold of all such opportunities. Pardot can easily find out the campaigns that the prospects and leads are interested in based on their activity. After finding that out, you can connect them to their respective campaigns and delight them further.

5. Generate Leads Smartly with Pardot

Pardot’s Smarter Lead Generation feature gives you a lot of options to keep your marketing funnel always filled to the top. How? Well, it keeps a steady flow of high-quality leads coming to the funnel through its various tools, such as landing pages, search tools, forms, and social connectors. It’s Landing Page Builder can be used even by beginners to create and deploy beautiful landing pages with customised content. Pardot landing page creation feature keeps your forms short and sweet, thus preventing bounce backs. Use the Organic and Paid search tools to understand your true campaign ROI when you connect it to Google AdWords, analyse keyword performance, and track revenue from each of them. 

6. Hottest Leads (NoFind Your t literally, though!)

We all know how important it is to give a lot of attention to active users without fail. And yes, you can do that by creating an automation rule that uses a scoring threshold to filter leads based on their scores. Through this, you can identify those who are marketing-qualified and thus ensure that only active and quality leads go down the funnel. This automation rule will also prevent you from spending too much time on prospects with lower scores as it will automatically decay scores for such prospects. 

7. Adapt your Lead Nurturing Process to your Audience

You can use Pardot’s Lead Nurturing feature to engage interested leads by sending messages at the right time to the right person through the right channel. Here, you can build content, test and compare it with other content, send it and report the outcome, all in one place! With Pardot, you can also make a list of your tasks and segment them based on your priorities. Long, time-consuming tasks, such as lead assignment can be put on autopilot and you can focus on the more important ones. 

8. Use Pardot Einstein and Rediscover the Power of AI

Pardot Einstein is another incredible feature that gives your sales and marketing teams full power of Artificial Intelligence so that the right lead is reached out at the right time. Pardot Einstein has three powerful features - Lead Scoring, Behaviour Scoring, and Campaign Insights. Lead scoring enables you to find and focus on those leads that are more likely to buy from you. With behaviour scoring, figure out which leads’ changing behaviour and direct your efforts towards those who are ready to convert. Use campaign insights to see the type of audience that is connecting with you and accordingly, optimise campaigns to bring in a new audience.

9. Engagement History 

With Pardot and Salesforce campaigns, you can track how many leads each of your campaigns are generating. The new summer 19’ release feature called Engagement History provides a platform where you can analyse the performance of campaigns and see how engaging they are. It will tell you the way your prospects and customers are using your marketing assets. With Salesforce, you don’t have to export Pardot data to share reports.  

10. Sales Alignment

Pardot’s seamless integration with Salesforce CRM is a blessing. This brings your marketing and sales teams in sync and lets them closely monitor conversions and ROI. The sales team can get access to important customer insights without having to interrupt or disturb the ongoing workflow. Customer activity tracking can be done on the Gmail interface, CRM or on your phone.  

11. Data-based ROI Reporting

When you look at the lifecycle of a prospect in your sales funnel, you can point out the areas where the leads get stuck and do not convert. This, in turn, gives you the areas of improvement. All this is possible by Pardot’s Insightful ROI reporting. It gives you data-based information on your campaign performance through which you can analyse it in terms of the channels used and initiatives taken. Further, you can connect your sales data to your marketing efforts and transfer closed leads to the marketing team for further action and engagement.

With the above information, we’re hoping to have given you insights into how effective Pardot can be when used to its full potential. Besides these insights, Pardot’s consultants can further assist you in developing goal- and objective-based marketing strategies to improve your company’s growth chart. Get our Pardot Support today!

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