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11 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation

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TransFunnel Consulting Dec 05, 2017

11 Reasons for Why We Have to Consider Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation became much more accessible to businesses as compared with four or five years ago. Large and small-sized businesses can handle and track their marketing efforts across numerous digital channels, a social network comprised. A right marketing automation strategy can help a business to scale up by providing deeper visibility into the sales & marketing funnel, aligning the sales and marketing efforts, collecting historical data to scale & optimize the efforts, engaging with prospects to convert them into customers.

There are numerous reasons to why scaling businesses are adopting marketing automation and getting benefited.

1. Reach:

Among the main benefits of marketing automation is the capability to enlarge the reach of your business' marketing efforts. Marketing automation tools enable marketers to run integrated marketing campaigns with a detailed insight to help them predict the returns on investment.

2. Historical data:

Marketing Automation will help you keep an eye on every single page visit and action taken on your website by your prospects. This helps you to collect historical data about customer behavior and will help you in planning your content strategy and to optimize future marketing campaigns.

3. Funnel Transparency:

Automation helps you segment your leads across multiple stages within your sales & marketing funnel. And provides a deep insight about the lead movement across the funnel and where the lead are getting stagnant. This helps you optimizing your sales conversion.

4. Reduce Lead Leakage:

It gives you visibility from which stage the leads are dropping out and what are the reasons. Also, provides you the insight to take preventive measures.

5. Aligning the sales & marketing:

Easy integration with CRM helps you aligning your sales and marketing process. Marketing gets the end-to-end visibility on the leads. Which also helps them generation more sales ready leads. At the same time, sales get all the historical data about the leads and are already aware of the lead behavior even before talking to them. Which increase the chances of converting the lead into the customer.

6. Save time & scale:

Automates most of the time manual time-consuming marketing tasks and enlarge the reach. Which saves time and give the chance to scale to marketing.

7. Engaging with prospects:

With personalized and tailored drip and nurturing campaigns help companies in being in continuous touch with the prospects and customers. Which increases the brand recall.

8. Integrated marketing campaign:

With automation, you plan all your marketing channels as a part of one campaign. This helps marketing to bring out the same message across all channels and focused approach gives better results.

9. Predictive marketing:

Provides customer data sets to predict the pattern and the possible outcomes. Which helps marketing in planning the campaigns which are more likely to give better results.

10. Scientific approach:

Enables a lot of testing capabilities across the , landing page designs and call to action buttons. Marketing can take judgment based on the numbers instead of making a hypothesis about the subject.

11. Lead generation engine:

What types of posts and communications attract your newer audience members or motivate dormant ones to take action? what're the most effective combinations of social network engagement and e-mail automation with regards to driving sales generally and particularly lucrative sales specifically? With this info, you can determine the best messaging to the target audience and how that messaging can be disclosed in future e-mails, targeted specifically to that audience.

For customers, the tracking concept may be recognized as creepy, but for the companies trying to achieve them, it is a strong tool. Before monitoring marketing efforts, you will have to put up the fundamental marketing automation capabilities to implement a tracking process. Once you have your campaigns and tracking process in place, you can start monitoring your marketing campaigns. For achieving the above results from the marketing automation, it is very important to have the right automation strategy in place even before buying a marketing automation tool.

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