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5 Reasons Why Marketo Is The Ultimate Marketing Automation Platform

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Oct 11, 2019

As a marketer, I am sure you are constantly thinking of ways to continuously engage customers at every single stage of their journey. It is tricky, especially because of the large volume of information coming to you, 24/7. Technological advances have also expanded the number of channels via which customers seek to interact with businesses. While this scenario is definitely challenging, the addition of marketing automation software programs has certainly made it possible to generate and maintain a high level of engagement, and that too at scale!

Grand View Research expects market automation industry to be $7.63 billion by 2025!

Marketing Automation not only boosts productivity, but also consolidates your overall marketing processes which in turn, accelerates campaigns, and drives bonafide, bottom-line results. Often used by both large and small companies for meeting objectives such as increasing customers, or integrating sales and marketing teams, marketing automation platforms are also ideal for measuring marketing ROI. 

Marketo -The Leading Automation Solution

Marketo , undoubtedly, is one of the leaders in marketing automation. Recognised for its leadership and automation innovation, the all-encompassing software can help you generate leads, execute email campaigns, track minute details, run A/B testing, and manage customer service, among others. As they themselves state, “Marketo offers a solution for every digital marketing need.” 

But, there are multiple marketing automation software. What sets Marketo above other marketing automation platforms, such as Pardot , or HubSpot? Also, how do you know if Marketo is the right marketing automation platform for you? 

Continue reading this blog to find out the benefits of using Marketo and whether it is ideal for your business goals or not. 

Robust Analytics that Foster Accountability

“Marketers who invest in measuring and managing performance create more value, achieving 5% better returns on marketing investments and over 7% higher levels of growth performance.” - Marketo Guide to Marketing Metrics

Did you know that the world’s top football coaches dedicate a chunk of their time to watching games replays of rival teams to understand, predict, and prepare themselves for the opponent? Footage of plays, previous game statistics, and rival team history form an essential part of a coach’s toolkit. Likewise, in marketing, clean data and stats empower your sales and marketing teams to measure the impact of each and every single marketing investment. The right marketing analytics also help forecast results and measure progress. Marketo offers customisable reporting across a campaign, channel, and business performance. 

Powered by Bizible, Marketo’s analytics include AI models that capture every single customer touchpoint across the entire buyer journey, whether it's online or offline, through UTM parameters, ad networks, and on-site JavaScript. The multi-touch solution further helps forecast and measure cross-channel performance. 

Advanced Lead Nurturing

Marketo’s Customer Engagement Engine equips you to advance lead nurturing and segmentation based on behavioural triggers. The tool transitions a lead back or forth in the pipeline based on actions. For instance, if someone visits the pricing page multiple times within the past week, that lead will automatically be segmented into an accelerated lead nurture funnel (#fancy!).

The platform, through its SmartEngagement technology allows for the creation of specialised, multi-channel campaigns around an event/season or accelerated campaigns which push a lead quickly through the pipeline. 

Account Profiling Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Today’s successful ABM campaigns are powered by digital technologies. Marketo’s automation software allows marketers to identify top key accounts and build personalised programs in a scalable manner. Marketo’s artificial intelligence, which is powered by Mintigo, leverages 500+ data points to help you identify top accounts within seconds. Furthermore, the AI-based predictive scoring indicators will rank your entire database and pinpoint accounts which are most likely to convert. With Marketo, you can easily kickstart and deploy your ABM campaigns across channels.

Predictive Content - Exceed the Rising Customer Expectations

Marketo is like an all-star player in football, one that can easily adapt and play both defence and offence. What allows it to do that? The secret lies in Marketo’s ability to design and deliver customised content and solutions for any prospect. Marketo allows you to reach the rising customer expectations and ensures each interaction is the right one. 

Marketo’s predictive content feature basically tracks your website and identifies content assets like blogs, vlogs, case studies, and ebooks. Behavioural triggers and machine learning enables the tool to automatically start placing relevant content in front of potential customers. Over-time, the platform optimises old content and recommends which content topics will resonate best with your target market (#wow). 

Effortless Integration

While a lot of the marketing automation platforms come packaged with an overly simplified CRM tool, Marketo offers you the ability to seamlessly integrate it with some of the best CRM systems in the market. By integrating Marketo with Salesforce, you are essentially supercharging your sales process. It will be easier to identify, score, and move leads through the sales process (#yahoo!). 

The 5-minute sync process is simple. Enter your CRM credentials in the system and the following fields will be synced and standardised between the platforms. 

  • Customer objects
  • Contacts
  • Tasks & Events
  • Leads
  • Campaigns & members
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities & roles
  • User & lead queue

Marketo also offers easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Netsuite, SugarCRM, and System Administrative Program (SAP). And its ability to easily integrate with legacy systems makes it an ideal option for creating MarTech stacks

Quick Refresher - Marketo, Putting Marketing First

Marketing automation has become mainstream in most, if not all, marketing strategies. Companies use automation to reduce redundancies and automate manual tasks, which in turn allows their sales and marketing teams to focus their energies on interacting and engaging customers at the opportune moment. Marketo’s innovation, ease of integration, and an unmatched level of customisation have propelled the company into an industry pioneer. Although most associate the software with large enterprise and B2B set-ups, Marketo delivers results for businesses of any size or industry. 

Now is the age to go beyond the traditional, entry-level CRM and email systems. Implementing Marketo into your business will increase efficiencies, reduce overhead costs, save time, increase customers, and also provide a bird’s eye view of which campaigns are working and delivering revenue. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to regain hours, drive success, and start putting marketing first in every step you take.  Want to understand if Marketo Marketing Automation is the right platform for you? Let’s Talk!