Why User Adoption Is The Key For Your Automation Project
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5 Key Elements For Successful User Adoption Of Automation Project

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Aug 05, 2021

Successful deployment of an automation project is equally dependent on internal factors such as buy-in from internal stakeholders, the confidence of the management team, and the availability of internal talent to adopt new technology. To summarise, internal user adoption is one of the key factors in contributing to the success of a project. 

How To Increase The Post-Implementation Of User Adoption - 5 Steps To Follow

  1. Seek management’s confidence and support

  2. Get buy-in from internal stakeholders

  3. Check for internal capacity to adopt new technology

  4. Hold weekly meetings with CMO and CBO

  5. Identify internal champions and early adopters


1. Seek management confidence and support:

One of the most important steps before getting into actual implementation is for the automation project leader to seek support from the top hierarchy. This will ensure that all the required approvals are in on time. In case of minor hiccups, leadership does not get off the hook. Also, this will ensure easy buy-in from other department leaders as well as safeguard the project from corporate politics.

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2. Get buy-in from internal stakeholders:

In larger organizations procuring buy-in from all the involved departments is necessary for successful implementation. The project leader must ensure that he/she is seeking input from the stakeholders and giving them the confidence that the solution will boost their productivity and efficiency. With this, the users giving their inputs will feel like a part of the project and not have an impression that they are being dictated to. 

3. Internal capacity to adopt the new technology:

Identify the talent internally to adopt the new technology. A few team members may find the new technology and solution easy to use, but others may find it difficult. The implementation team must ensure that enough training has been provided to end-users to adopt the new technology. 

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4. Hold weekly meetings with CMO and CBO:

A weekly progress update meeting will ensure that the automation project remains a priority in their list. If another project takes up priority, then the implementation team will lose the support required. Also, the CMO and CBO can keep the implementation team updated beforehand if there is any change in the strategy or process. Accordingly, the team can make necessary changes instead of putting it off till the last minute.

5. Identify internal champions and early adopters:

Identify internal influencers and early adopters in the team as they can be a support system for other team members. They can help them to adopt the new solution. Also, these influencers can be the spokespersons for the new technology and motivate the team. 

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