6 Simple Steps You Must Avoid in SEO to Get Website Keyword Ranking
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6 Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Anushikha Dhankhar
Anushikha Dhankhar Dec 17, 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mistakes that you Must Avoid

SEO has been around for more than a decade and is crucial to increase your website's traffic, conversion rates and  ROI. SEO techniques are changing at a fast pace.  In 2018 there were over 5 major SEO algorithm updates followed by 100 plus small changes, out of which few were rolled back. Unfortunately, not every business is embracing the new changes. Here is the SEO checklist of usual mistakes. In case, you are making them, you should not carry them forward in 2019.

Stealing Content

Today's challenge for a lot of businesses lies in generating ‘original’ content. Generating unique and upbeat content to help you stand out from all your competitors. Plagiarising the existing content on the internet leads to a poor ranking of your web pages. If you don’t come up with ‘new’ ideas on a subject matter, present existing ideas using personalized tone, style, and structure. This makes a difference in SEO. Presenting your ideas a little differently can make your content and strategy flourish.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords in SEO cannot be overdone. If you have a keyword such as “Marketing Automation,” use it sparingly and strategically. Stuffing a 600-word article with 30 “Marketing Automation” phrases will make your blog a spam post. The keywords might draw people to your site but will not retain them. Avoid anything that can make your content look unnatural. The content must give the prospect the exact information that they are looking for.

Sidelining Local SEO

Google comes with local SEO. It allows you to provide information about your location and the type of clients you are targeting. This feature is known as Google My Business (GMB). Ideally, if someone searches for anything, the first initial results on the engine will be those businesses that are nearest to them.So, provide all the information about your business location and service. Otherwise, Google will overlook you and rank the other organizations that have this info on their sites.

Ignoring Analytics

Today, most businesses operate online. They aren’t left with time to assess their SEO and check whether it is bearing fruits. Analytics is an important aspect of  SEO strategy, it saves a lot of money. Gives positive results too. Use the free google analytics tools in 2019. Start monitoring the performance of your SEO strategies. You can also consult SEO experts at Transfunnel if you are having a hard time understanding analytics and site monitoring tools.

Ignoring User-Friendliness

How user-friendly is your website? Is it responsive? Does a new visitor manoeuver your site without feeling frustrated? Have you organized the content? Poor layout design will make you lose visitors. Site optimization is a part of SEO. Your site has to be visually appealing.

Have a smooth flow between the pages. Don’t place a lot of imagery. Do everything to improve user experience. Pay attention to bounce rates and conversion rates.

Not Keeping Up With SEO Trends

You have to be up-to-date with trends in digital marketing. Video marketing and influencer marketing weren’t in existence a decade ago. As a business, you always need to be curious about new things. Leave behind all the old methodologies. Updated on SEO trends and blend them in your campaigns.

SEO is improving to be better every day. Grab all opportunities to expand your business by utilizing SEO. Make the necessary adjustments to optimize your campaigns to experience success in the digital space. Get the best inbound strategy here.