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6 Things to Remember Before a Media Interview

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TransFunnel Consulting Jul 19, 2018

6 Things to Do Before Your Media Interview

While most people wait for the moment they can stand in front of the media and make their first public address, the actual moment can be quite daunting when it finally arrives. Several spokespeople have often complained about not having the right answers to media queries, being stumped by statements and questions, and oftentimes being deviated from the set track of the interview.

To help you overcome these challenges, we’ve listed a few salient rules that you can follow to ensure that your interview sails through seamlessly and provides the outcome you are looking to achieve.

1. Not down the points you want to convey and rehearse your interview

Take time off to craft a story and see how you want it to flow. Make sure you have all the points covered and spend some time practising how you want to deliver this story to the media person. This often provides clarity in thought and allows you to streamline the conversation.

2. Do your research on the media person

Check their social media profiles, read some of the stories they have written before, and understand the stance they take. This prepares you for unmitigated circumstances where the media person might toss you a curveball and you will be able to hit it out of the park successfully.

3. Run a mock interview with possible negative questions

Get a person to play devil’s advocate and ask you the tougher questions and the ones that might possibly lead to a controversy. Prepare your answers to these and keep them handy. More often than not, when answering the difficult questions, you’re going to be at ease with this practice.

4. Relax before an interview

Grab a cup of coffee and just take a few moments to gather your thoughts. Walking into an interview with confidence often reflects in the outcome. A confident spokesperson bolsters the image of the company on the whole.

5. Stay clear of un-truths

You’d rather say that you are unsure and you will get back to them with the right numbers or facts than concocting information. The media is always well prepared and will catch the falsified facts. The repercussions of this could be grave.

6. Stay in control of the interview

Ensure you are staying on track with the story you decided to go with. The interview may meander around a few additional points, but make sure to find your way back to the story you intended to convey. Never stop the media from asking their questions, but stay on course.

With these tips in mind, you’re geared to take on your next interview. Good luck!